Not only was I able to encourage a few young people to travel to Phildelphia who had never attended a SGI meting, I also fulfilled my dream as a jewelry artist to find the location that I preferred to sell my jewelry collection.

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One of the goals for the Central Territory was "All members supporting and participating in the festival remain undefeated and realize a life-changing experience in faith." Chanting for this goal showed me how much I waver in my prayer and use my mind instead of focusing on bringing out my buddha nature. I have been able to use this new understanding in the last month to breakthrough and really see a victory in my life. I am still working towards really connecting to the gohonzon when I chant with my life and not my mind. Then I am able to see great actual proof and it really is encouraging and more powerful. I hope to keep this kind of prayer going and see benefits in my family and district!
Thank you, Kelly.

My prayer has deepened in this manner, also, and I feel the great joy that comes simply from the act of chanting daimoku.


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