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Helooo! thank you for visiting may page!

I am born in Brasil-Ribeirao Estado de Sao Paulo and i live in Austria - Vienna almost 30 years.

I am member from Soka Gakkai International Austria
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What is Human Revolution?

Human revolution is a transformation of the very core of one’s self. We fundamentally change our way of living, thinking and develop a clear awareness of our purpose, mission in life. Every day we are faced with countless choices and decisions. But if we just allow ourselves to be ruled by force of habit, the way we've always reacted to a given situation, we will be drawn down the path of least resistance and stop growing as a person. If we succeed in challenging ourselves on a fundamental level, we can change from someone who is swayed about by the environment or the people around us, to someone who can positively influence our situation and surroundings.

Human revolution is the opening up of our life’s potential. It is a mistake to think that who you are right now represents all you are capable of. Example: if you decide, "I'm a quiet person, so I'll just go through life being quiet," you won't ever fully realize your unique potential. Without having to change your character completely, you can become a person who, while still basically quiet, will say the right thing at the right time with real conviction. In the same way, a negative tendency toward impatience could be developed into a useful knack for getting things done quickly and efficiently. Example – a person can go to office or a woman at home can do all her chores and be thankful for the day ending so one can relax. Or you can awaken to the joy of work, of creating a home, and begin to see a larger mission in it. Then everything begins to seem effortless. Your life opens up. You enjoy every minute of being alive. This is a human revolution. No matter how wonderful a marriage partner you may find, or however great a job you may find, no matter how much you try to change your surroundings, nothing will change for too long if we don't transform our own life.

Nothing produces deeper satisfaction than successfully challenging our own weaknesses. Example: When a person who treats people with impatience or disregard one day taps his inner wisdom and treat the same people as respect worthy Buddhas that is his or her human revolution. And the environment responds immediately.

Why is Human Revolution important?

Sometimes you may feel that in spite doing our best (daimoku, activities and studies), we are not experiencing any break through or our life is not changing. Sensei says “a lack of conspicuous benefits is a pointer to something we need to change in our lives” An individual's inner transformation could actively change their circumstances and their environment. There have been many kinds of revolutions - political, economic, industrial, scientific, artistic, and so on. But no matter how external factors changed, the problems in society remain the same. Human revolution--an inner process of self-reformation--is completely bloodless and peaceful. Everyone wins. If we want a peaceful family, community, society or even world, then simply making structural changes or reforms will not help. For any change to be long lasting, we have to change our own perspective, our own hearts and therefore our actions. Every single person has tremendous potential, which is largely untapped. Through the hard work of our human revolution, this potential can be revealed and we can establish an independent, unconquerable sense of self. We can deal with any situation that life has to offer.
Our human revolution helps us to change our negative karma and change our lives for the better. When we struggle to win over our karma we undergo our human revolution, and develop strengths like wisdom, compassion and an unbeatable life-force.

Sensei says, ‘the path of human revolution lies in an ongoing commitment to selfreflection and improvement based on the teachings of the Daishonin’s Buddhism –
striving each day to become a better person today than yesterday, if only just a little bit,
and better tomorrow than today. Unlimited benefit and good fortune are to be found only in such unflagging efforts.’

How practice in the Gakkai helps us achieve our human revolution?

Faith is the key source that guides us to undergo our human revolution and sustain it. Action. Taking action to move something within ourselves is what creates almost magical movement in our environment. While participating in Gakkai activities we interact and work together with others who may be completely different from us, but we polish our character through this interaction with others. The process of human revolution cannot be undertaken alone.Being positively engaged with others, we become better and more disciplined people. Example : In Japan, mountain potatoes known as taros are rough and dirty when harvested, but when put in water and rolled against each other, the skin peels away, leaving the potatoes shining and ready for cooking. The only way to hone and polish our character is through our interactions with others.

Example : Getting up on Sunday and coming for meetings with a high sense of purpose and pride rather than for the sake of duty is also human revolution in a way. In the Gakkai we follow the spirit of Mentor and disciple, which encourages us to lay a solid foundation. When one truly connects and understands the heart of our mentor, we know we have changed something inside of us.

The Daishonin states, “the teacher is like the earth, disciple is like the plant. A tiny seed can grow into a mighty tree, soaring high into the heavens but this magnificent transformation can only take place if the seed is firmly rooted in the earth.” The mightiest tree with weak roots will be blown away by the first storm. When in the Gakkai, our perspective to our problems changes. We awaken to see hardships as opportunities for growth, which is much different from the normal perspective to life. It is a privilege to be born a human being. And a high privilege to re-connect with faith in this lifetime. The process of Human Revolution gives our life the dignity and meaning it deserves. And we are aware of our purpose in life. We become tolerant and compassionate individuals that don’t just live for ourselves, but have the ability to look around us and give back value, help to our surroundings, people and the environment. Toda Sensei’s guidance “the jug claims that it has broken because the glass struck it. The glass contends that it has broken because the jug struck it. But they broke because they both had the potential to break. What if they were cotton and glass? They would never break....You may think that others are to blame for your misery. But it is not true. No one can break you if you become [flexible like] cotton” The process of human revolution is ongoing. It is not one state that you achieve but a process that enables us to keep growing and developing through our lives. We never meet a deadlock on this eternal journey of realizing the extent of our life. We continue to polish your mirror everyday. Example : Like a flowing river that has the larger mission of getting to the sea, meets rocks and boulders on its way, always finds a way over them, through the cracks and keeps going. In fact with the passing of time even the rocks are left smoothened by its life force.
To conclude, a quote from Sensei “struggles and hardships; in their midst you will
develop true humanity. In their midst you will forge an iron will. In their midst you will
know real tears. In their midst, know that there lies the human revolution.”


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Ana Rita Ap. Pinzger dos Santos's Blog

What is Human Revolution? Human revolution is a transformation of the very core of one’s self. We fundamentally change our way of living, thinking and develop a clear awareness of our purpose, mi…

Posted on July 7, 2010 at 3:21am 4 Comments

What is Human Revolution?

Human revolution is a transformation of the very core of one’s self. We fundamentally change our way of living, thinking and develop a clear awareness of our purpose, mission in life.

Every day we are faced with countless choices and decisions. But if we just allow ourselves to be ruled by force of…


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At 12:07pm on March 31, 2018, Mrs.Dank Perious said…

Good day,
I picked interest on you after going through your short profile and demand it necessary to write you immediately. I have something very vital to disclose to you, but I found it difficult to express myself here, since it's a public site.Could you please get back to me on( for the full details.

Have a nice day.
Mrs.Dankwa Perious.

At 1:39pm on November 29, 2012, Frank M said…

You too!!!! ;))

At 11:44am on February 2, 2012, Frankie T said…

Hi Ana,

Thanks for your message. We're fine though we have many challenges.

I hope you've a wonderful birthday.

At 10:41am on February 1, 2012, Sonia Chen said…

ha, how's things over there?

At 3:05am on February 1, 2012, Dan said…

Happy Birthday, Ana!

At 2:38am on February 1, 2012, Frankie T said…

At 4:50pm on December 31, 2011, Jonnie Parker said…

Hi Anaa I wish you a Happy New Years 2012.

At 12:00pm on December 27, 2011, Frankie T said…

Hi Ana,

New is the year, new are the hopes and aspirations,

New is the resolution,

New are the spirits and forever my warm wishes are for you.

Have a promising and fulfilling new year.



A Happy New Year 2012.ppt

At 10:34am on July 9, 2010, Herb R Barker said…
Jaa jeder Mensch hat am dieser tag nasse augen. (nach den spiel) Was ist passiert? Sehr kommisch. Velleich sind alle zu spat ins Bett ge-gangen. (lol). Oh well it'snly a game. Can'understand why the Obama administration/BP is not accepting more help to stop the horrible, horrible problem in the gulf. Both the Saudi's and the Russians have technology to try to stop this poisonous leaking well. Be well later Herb
At 2:33pm on July 8, 2010, Sonia Chen said…
nice to meet you Ana!

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