What Do YOU Appreciate Most?

We have some many people that contribute to this community I thought it would feel good to post here wht we appreciate most about our community SGIBuddhism.org

You can appreciate a person, a group or anything you want.

Apprecition warms my heart and feeds my soul so let me go first and thank you for posting what you appreciate about our community.

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Living in a very remote area and just beginning my practice, I very much appreciate the opportunity to connect with and learn from others. Thanks to all who support, participate, and work to make this site possible. Namaste, TC
Thanks you add so much to our community. I appreciate your participation
Thanks :)
I appreciate another way of wrapping the planet in warm-heartedness.
Thanks Henry :)
I appreciate some of the humour on show! A sense of humour is part of buddha nature!
I've been practicing since 1999, having this site is what I've been waiting for since then. Knowing that we are not few, as it seems here in the Philippines, but a community of Treasure Towers and Bodhisattvas strategically distributed around the globe.

Thank you for creating this site, it a venue where good friends meet and encourage each other in Faith and for worldwide Kosen-rufu.

We are connected, where ever we are.
I am appreciative of this practice that came into my life at a very young age. I was about 12 when Mom started chanting. Three months later, we moved into our own home. To this day, she is still in that house and will not move. "It is the only thing your father and I ever owned" she said. I chanted without knowing about the organization behind it. I grew up in a tough neighborhood but I had many precious friends that I still communicate with today. On July 3, I will be 56 years young. I appreciate that no harm came to me while growing up. I appreciate that now I am married to a great man who is now recovering from chemo and radiation. So many things in my life could have gone so wrong but the practice made me a confident, optimistic person that is well liked. I put people at ease when they meet me and want to tell me their life story. I guess I have always been a good listener. I am a retired RN and feel that my profession gave me a great opportunity to work towards Kosen Rufu, one patient, one co-worker, one person at a time.

I appreciate that I was born an American. Have a great 4th of July.
You rock!
With my 3 kids so active in their Gakkai activities in Youth Division, I will ask them to join this community and consider it as part of their kosen-rufu effort. It's the Gohonzon way creating this cyber community as worldwide kosen-rufu progress.

Thumbs up for you and your team.
To me SGIBuddhism.org has brought FNF together. I am amazed at the sharing and caring that goes on between everyone here. We are truely a global community. Can kosen rufu be any different than this? We have a lot to look forward too.... We should... Always-be-Happy!


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