> I'm sure by now Youv'e heard about Herbie Hancock &
> his experience with
> winning a Grammy for album of the Year! It is so
> great! I was so encouraged at
> morning gongyo when he shared his exerience with all
> of us . He said he was
> suprised to win & the experience was sureeal. He
> said he had a different
> purpose winning this grammy than when he won an
> Oscar Years ago.
> He chanted 3 hours a day since January & said he had
> to win for the sake of
> the members & President Ikeda.
> I was at a Kosen Rufu gongyo last month where he
> had sponsored 2 happy new
> members.
> I am soo encouraged with his deep dedication for
> Kosen Rufu as the Basis for
> everything he does.
> You'd think with his busy schedule & musical career
> how could he find the
> time to travel to Japan several times a year, do
> concerts for President Ikeda
> and all the members. Sponsor 2 new members,. chant
> 3 hours a day and be a
> Great District leader that all the members love!!
> * I thought of Pascual & how happy he and Angela
> must be where ever they
> are that he had won.
> thanks marie
> ps. Just a foot note: Herbie also mentioned
> something about ...
> Wow! Talk about Making the Impossible Possible....
> This reminded me of the Great encouragement from
> President Toda in the Human
> Revolution:
> "Anyone would think that Victory is impossible " But
> don't forget this
> marvelous Gohonzon we have. It has the power to
> transform what you'd normally think
> impossible into something possible. Those who give
> up before they try,
> thinking that it's impossible, don't really know the
> power of the Mystic Law.
> Only people who can bring forth the Mystic Law's
> Power can succeed at
> anything they try!
> *** Thank you Herbie for Being a GREAT example of
> this, to encourage all of
> us to have a great Victory in our own lives using
> this Strategey of the of the
> Lotus Sutra & President Ikeda!!!!!
> **************
> Here are 3 great ones!
> SGI President Ikeda recently wrote " Our challenge
> is to dream of results as
> Big as the power of the Gohonzon, which has no
> limit. If you find you are
> stuck, pray to release the chains of doubt and fear
> clouding youir mind of faith.
> Pray for the unbounded confidence and courage to win
> over your past and step
> joyfully into your bright future . WT 4/12/02
> **************************************
> Indeed, all of our efforts to share and spread the
> Mystic Law bring Hundreds
> and thousands of times more benefit to our lives
> than any other act of good we
> could possibly perform. They bring us boundless
> benefit that lasts not only
> throughout this existence but continues on into
> eternity. Daisaku Ikeda
> 8/15/03
> ***********************************
> February 4th - 10th, 2008
> It is not "someone else" that will do it!
> It's up to us to open up a path.
> It's up to us to raise and foster capable people.
> Through chanting daimoku earnestly
> with a profound sense of responsibility,
> we will most certainly be able to find the great
> ability,
> wisdom and strength necessary to do such things.
> * The Japanese kanji for To My Friends, Daily Gosho
> and Words of the Week is
> ******************
> 02.10.08 Herbie Hancock Wins Album of the Year
> Congratulations to everyone who touched the success
> of this album, from
> Joni's creative genius to Larry Klein's guidance to
> Herbie's... more
> 02.10.08 Herbie Hancock Wins Best Contemporary Jazz
> Album GRAMMY
> Herbie's latest release, "River: The Joni Letters"
> takes top honors in the
> jazz category.... more
> 12.7.07 Herbie Hancock nominated for three GRAMMYs
> including Album of the
> Year
> Herbie Hancock's release "River: The Joni Letters"
> has emerged as one of the
> most celebrated releases of the year, culminating...
> more
> ***You can read more at Herbiehancock.com

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YaY Herbie!!! *Applauds*

Thanks Kelly for sharing this! I'm a guitarist and Herbie Hancock was a key player to get me interested in Nichiren Buddhism and SGI.

Deep gratitude for his soul and his music

Thank you again for sharing such a pearl

Wow!!! Indeed, this is especially good news. Just moved and my energy level, inspiration, commitment, determination, and Daimoku are now super-charged! My undying love, respect, and gratitude for Ikeda Sensei is even more limitless as well. I'm also much more appreciative of Brother Herbie and all SGI members. Thanks to one & all for everything you love and dream and accomplish and to Kelly for such a wonderful post. Sincerely, M


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