When I was a student of junior high school, I met this faith.
Once my father drank, he always went on the drunken rampage and brought trouble to everyone else since I was so young.
I was raised with violence of my father.
Being frightened, my mother and I used to wait him to drop asleep in the nearest park.
I always looked at the night view of the town from the park.
Then I thought "Yes, under this sky, there must be happy homes. But I do not have....".
My father ran the company till I was in the lower grades of an elementary school.
So I could receive various child education.
However, father's company went bankrup when I was in the upper grades of an elementary school.
From that time, his violence to me and my mother became more terrible.
My left ear wasn't heard any more by his violence.
When he drank, he was a madman at all.
I have been hit by my father with a broom.
Making a bruise on my face, I used to go to school.
I was pushed by my father over from the second floor, though.
My mother stuck her face by him with a kitchen knife, and she suffered a severe wound.
Anyway, his violence was so terrible.
Even now, I'm afraid and troubled with a nightmare.
Mother's friend led us to this faith when I entered a junior high school.
Then my mother, my younger brtother and me began to practicse.
And we received Gohonzon.
However, going on the drunken rampage, my father tore and threw away the Gohonzon.
Thereafter, the situation of my home deteriorated increasingly.
Finally, my mother ran away from home with my younger brother.
Furious my father gave me a whacking to the limit.
Also, I ran away from home with only the barest necessities.
And I fled into the child consultation center.
I was taken into custody by that office for a while.
So I was in foster home till I graduated from junior high school.
And then, my mother got custody of me and made me go to high school.
becoming cynical, I have been getting up against anybody thereabout.
I might get on top of my mother.
I was misanthropy and spiritless around that time.
Even I had a suicidal wishes.
Heartless people rumored that I was such father's daughter.
Being regrettable, I studied strenuously.
Therefore, getting a scholarship, I could enter the evening school of child education after graduating high school.
My mother rejoined Soka Gakkai, but she could not receive Gohonzon.
I worked for a kindergarten at noon and went to school in the evening to obtain a license for a teacher of a kindergarten.
At that time, I overestimated my own power, even if I had no Gohonzon.

That's the affair when I was 19 years old.
One day I found an article about my father by a newspaper.
Yes, my father was killed...
He seemed to die of deterioration of a liver by drinking excess after having a fight with someone.
Father's brothers and I went to the police station to identify the body.
My mother could not go there.
I cannot forget about my father's dead body even now.
Being held an autopsy, chopped up body, stitched body and discolored father's face.....
I knew what kind of end the man who caused trouble to many people and behaved violently.
He had ever tore and thrown away the Gohonzon.
And now, he was chopped up all over his body.
Others' magnificent funeral was performed at a crematory.
But only 3 people were in father's funeral.
I felt very miserably.
The father's brother who hated my violent father brought father's remains to their home just like the baggage.
Then, I have just learned about severity of the Buddhism.
I thought that my father taught me the severity of the Buddhism by his death.

After that, I ended my dependence on my mother and received Gohonzon without protest.
I could begun to practice!
The moment I practice this Buddhism, I got many benefits soon.
Especially I could be blessed with many good people.
Since I changed my occupation for a staff of a manpower supply company from a teacher of a kindergarten, I could meet wonderful friends there, too.
Because I learned Sensei's teaching with Seikyo Paper and practiced Buddhism in the organization of the Soka Gakkai, I was able to understand that a man could change himself in his life.

Then, I got married and made my husband, parent-in-law and my younger brother come to believe in this Buddhism.
Therefore, I could build a happy home.
However, I met with a misfortune of mine again.
I have suffered from an incurable disease as underactive thyroid function.
A hormone isn't secreted any more from a thyroid and all over the body swells by this disease.
There was also a possibility that I have cancer for that.
But I was surprised that many, many friends of Soka Gakkai prayed for me and sent Daimoku.
I was affected at them and shed tears so much.
And I decided that I never lose.!
Coming through my disease, I practiced, chanted Daimoku and Shakubuku.
About four months later, my blood has normally returned!
My doctor was surprised and said.
“It takes at least 2 years to cure this sickness with taking of daily medicine. In addition, this is the disease which isn't cured perfectly.”
Maybe he was very strange.
My recuperation seemed to have been an exceptional incident.
A Daimoku is really amazing!
A practicing is amazing all in all!
I do thank my friends of Soka Gakkai sincerely!

Sensei has ever taught us this guidance.
“A life should be enjoyed. The goal in one's life is happy. How's your life? If you had a fun experience much, you might be happy. If you had a painful experience more, you might be unhappy, then. However, wise and strong men must conquer any miseries in a courageous manner. The other way, the pessimistic men with no stout hearts must be tormented by small misery. I hope all of you are wise men who enjoy your lives.”

I never forget my heart of delight.
And I am going to ride to victory more and more!
Thank you.

(Ms. Yumi a member of WD in Japan)

+This is an English translation of "題目はすごい! 学会活動はすごい!".

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Thank you toshizo-san. Please, more experiences! ;-Dan
Dear Toshizo Saejima san,

Good day to you.

How are you ?? Hope you and your family are happy and good health ya !

Sorry, recently very busy and struggle a lot also.

I have just read out your experience. It is wonderful experience. Actually, it is really encouraging my faith. Thanks
I must chant more and i will share your experience with my ywd members and friends.

Yes, i totally agree with you. Daimoku is really amazing and full of Power. I also experience before.

Once again many thanks for your experience.

Take care ya !

It was a very encouraging experience! everytime i have read one of this kind, my hope wells forth...and i begin to wonder why these people in just a short span of time had changed their karma & create for themselves a very fulfilling and happy life...why me?...stuck into deepest pain & always dwells on the past which cause me too much misery & pain! I hope someday soon...my life will be used to encourage others to also become happy...in this way i can totally declared that i have achieved my longest dream of being happy from within no matter what!

Yes, everytime im chanting in front of the Gohonzon, i was temporarily released my life into veins, but after...& no longer chanting daimoku...my depression always attacks me with no mercy. But because of my strong faith no matter how much my weaknesses of fears,insecurities,worries in life swayed me...it is in no way stop me from believing that nothing is impossible with faith in the mystic law. And ive always make Sensei words...THE POWER OF THE GOHONZON has no bound...an inspiration to go on with my life and realize how wonderful my life inspite of unending challenges & difficulties.

SGI Philippines
Thank you for sharing such an experience with us - very encouraging. I will today chant for your continued happiness and faith.
Thank you, Toshizo
For posting a great experience!!!
With Daimoku everything can be solved.
Thank you for this wonderful experience. Ms Yumi has gone through alot of hardships. She deserve all the happiness in the world.
thank you Toshizo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I read ur exp with tears in my eyes.Once again I realised the power of Nam myo Ho and the law of cause and effect and its severity.Nice knowing that u have a good life based on daimoku. I am practicing for 11 yrs in kolkata ,India and have had amazing victories .I feel the protection of Gohonzon all the time..Nice knowing u.Manju Dasgupta,from India
My childhood also was affected by alcholism. My parents had eight children and we were often on government assistant because my father had difficulty keeping work. After the company he was working for laid him off he had trouble keeping steady employment, which fueled his drinking. My relatives often had to come to our aid. Many of my siblings were affected by abuse from my father's alcoholic temper.
Until I was six years old we lived in one of my Grandfather's houses. When my father found work in another town we moved two hours away from my grandparents. My father found a place for his large family on a farm. He rented a small house and we spent two wonderful years in the countryside. After two years he found a house to buy closer to work and we moved again. He was laid off from his company, struggled to keep other jobs and eventually couldn't afford to have a car. He left us to try and find work in another part of the country. During this time my older sisters convinced my mother to divorce my father.
I moved to California where I met my future husband, Jon, in 1972, who introduced me to Nichiren Buddhism. In 1973, we heard from my family that my father had been located by the U S Government and was awarded several thousand dollars because he was a coal miner in his youth and was eligible for funds created by a Black Lung Benefits Reform Act. My parents went to Las Vegas, got remarried and he gave each of his children some of his new financial fortune. He even traveled all the way to California to visit Jon and I. He was able to make amends with all his children before he died. He expressed to me that my husband was his favorite son in law.
My parents retired to a small town and spent their time fishing and visiting family until my father died in 1975. I am so thankful that I found a faith that enables me to mention him daily in my prayers and offer my gratitude for him being in my life.
Together we shall win.
Let me tell you my recent experience of 4th May,2009.
I had a very bad sore throat. So bad that I could not speak at all and I was bed ridden with fever & dysentry.
A loved one called me over my cell phone but I could not respond as I was unable to speak. Instead I sent an SMS stating my condition. That person was very angry with me & my son and sent 8 offensive SMSs. Being a disciple of Sensei, I politely replied to a couple of them and asked him to cool down & be reasonable. After that there is silence from that end.
When I look back today, I feel it was my Karmic retribution and Gohonzon's way of saving me from disaster because had my throat been normal, I would have reacted to this person's insinuations and the situation might have become worse. Today, He cannot accuse me of indecency.
What is this but a miracle of NMRK.......At least I have learnt to see things positively and all the pain and suffering of those days turned into medicine.


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