I lost my home at the end of 2013 and had to give up the 7 cats we had, which killed me. Since then I took an internship in 2014 and at the end of that year began working and soon took a 2nd part time job in the beginning of 2015. But the past year of trying to work to get my life together (I've been chronically homeless and unemployed throughout my adult life) has left me in deep trouble I wouldn't have expected. The first job, I get so few hours and make so little that tax isn't taken from my checks, so the lump sum of that is just under $500. My 2nd job is considered self employment and that brings it to $1200 that I owe. The government can also charge me a few different fees for being broke and low income, and they can of course take 100% of what I make from me. So instead of getting my head above water, my life is just further ruined. Both jobs add up to only 20-25 hours a week at best. I pay weekly rent and need a bus pass every week ($30) to be able to work because I'm disabled due to a back injury 17 years ago, which has in turn led to extensive nerve issues and fibromyalgia. My doctor tells me all this but won't sign off on anything for me to so much as claim disability for a discounted bus pass. They are too afraid of people like me claiming disability benefits. Well $600 a month wouldn't pay my rent so why would I want disability? But alas, my doctor won't sign off on officially declaring me disabled although I will black out and have had a seizure due to the nerve issues when I'm forced to stand too long or walk too far. That's why I really need the bus pass too. I want to share this link to ask that you share the link via facebook or twitter, whichever you have, chant on it and send daimoku that my need will be fulfilled. Trust me, this is not my typical behavior or character. I just can't physically bear being homeless again, my body can't take it. Share and chant for me please. https://igg.me/at/2YTX7LE6Z9I Thank you. 

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Hello, I am a new member to this SGI online community.
What happened with your living situation?
I will chant for you.


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