Dearest Friends in Faith,

As some of you may know my eldest daughter Alexa had a severe accident three weeks ago and burned herself (both thighs) to 3rd degree. The doctors said we would have to wait a long time before they could give us a definite prognostic. Her pain was cruciating and she was devastated at the age of 20 to have such horrible scars...


I my first reaction was Daimoku followed by reaching out to you all for moral support.


Her boyfriend came to visit us (as all this happened in Corsica on the first day of our vacation) and although we've known him for over a year and he has been a lovely boy, he suddenly "lost it" one evening with no notice or apparent reason and started to scream on me of how a horrible mother I was, too present, too caring and too "mother hen" not allowing Alexa to breath and not letting her make her own decisions in life.. he then started telling me that he had no lessons to receive from someone like myself who had been under anti-depressants for over 7 years!! (as if it was my fault).. all this hurt me immensely and above all I couldn't understand what had gotten into the kid. He left our house and the island and my daughter was even more devastated. Of course I cried an entire day.I had no energy to chant.

As of the next morning I woke up, took a cold shower and reminded myself that a Buddha is NEVER defeated and how often Sensei tells us NOT TO BE DEFEATED so that we can win and be actual proof to others. So I decided to chant all the vacations, every day for hours and hours and feel Sensei's heart and mine bet together in Itaï Doshin for a colossal victory specifically for August 24th (date of Sensei's first Daimoku (?) I asked for undefeated victory, respect of my life and person, full acknowledgement of my Buddhahood, and the total healing for my daughter, and NO MORE PAIN.

My family calmed down, my daughter although are extremely close decided not to leave her boyfriend (much to my dismay) and a local fireman who had rescued her came to us to say that he had "special" powers to stop the pain. Although septic we agreed for him to try and while he placed his hands on my daughters legs I did daimoku. from that very first session the pain disappeared completely. We went yesterday to the hospital as every day since and the Doctor said he had never seen such a speedy recovery. As he is a lovely teasing man he asked my daughter what her secret was and she told him "my Mom's buddhist and she is invincible" !! I had made my vow in my heart not out loud so to hear those words coming our of her mouth made my tears roll down my face... Here was my victory. Let alone she was much better and according to the Doctor no surgery will be needed but I HAD BEEN AN ACTUAL PROOF TO MY DAUGHTER.

The same day my second daughter Jessica called me from Paris, she said that she and my husband had had diner together with some family friends and they had asked Jessica how I was copying with this whole ordeal? She had replied "our Mom is invincible and she has made us invincible too" !!! Well believe it or not I stopped the anti-depressants (after 7 years)gradually over 3 weeks and replaced them by an extra hour of Daimoku a day especially for not needing them. So I am now anti-depressant free for the first time in years.

I needed to share this with you all and to be for all or any of us who, even at times may doubt in the power of the Gohonzon or the Daimokus. NEVER DOUBT, NEVER FEAR, NEVER GIVE UP !!

Thanks for all your Daimokus and moral support and please share my experience in your monthly meetings for other people to know as well.

Love you all,


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Hey, how have you been lately? Please keep us posted :)

NMRK Nina! Please keep us posted on how u both are moving forward. Your true life story is are you...

What a moving experience Nina! You're invincible and a great mother!!

:D Wow! Bravo Nina! This is a great example of one of the Big Reasons i gave up on the "Tibetan Buddhist" practice ("advanced" yet provisional Mahayana). It is amazing that there are so many more "miracle cures" and victories in the SGI Buddhist community! To me though, what is most wonderful & important, is the incredibly effective empowerment that makes so many victories possible - providing "proof" of Buddha's Way for this Age, Nichiren's Way. Thanks for your great faith, strong practice & sharing. 


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