Wow is this ever a challenge!! but I have truly deeped my faith by supporting my fellow members. What's hard is being able to encourage people without getting in their lives. Does anyone else have this challenge? I really work hard to not give 'advice' but instead use guidance and direct members to guidance that might be encouraging. Members in my District receive benefit but we don't yet have the gakkai family spirit and really connect life to life with each other. Would anyone have guidance they might share on this issue?Thank you....

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Kelly and Dhruba,

Thank you both! I am learning a lot about patience, especially patience in supporting members in their human revolution experiences. My tendency in the past was to offer advice or my opinion. A few years ago, I heard a lecture that talked about how to encourage members and the discussion was to always lead members to the gohonzon. I had to appreciate that what the members were experiencing was for their human revolution and to show actual proof through their practice. So, with all my members, I work extremely hard to encourage them to chant immediately about their challenges. I also research guidance and often arrange for personal guidance for them. That has been a huge benefit for me and the members! But the patience is in understanding how our practice works and what it means to practice for self and others. I hope I am becoming a more compassionate person...I am certainly chanting constantly about my compassion. The second challenge is raising capable people and a District that the members enjoy being a part of....I am really chanting for the members to want to stand up as capable members and leaders. I've been doing hvs, about 3 per week. And, now two of the members have indicated an interest in joining me on that's great. Also, about 3 weeks ago, our Area held a 4 hour training session on being leaders in the SGI. It was extremely well received. The Area goal is to rid the Area of all negativity! It was the first training session and we learned a great deal...but we also started to talk about the District meeting and think out loud about how District meetings can be great experiences for the members. One of our leaders developed a 'mini' training document that specifically addresses member participation as a leadership development process. I will keep everyone posted on our progress. This month our District had 2 people receive gohonzon and we had our first transfer into our District!!! Our goal is to double the youth division and triple the size of the District.
You are really making great progress and reaching out to so many people!! It's encouraging to read about your seeking mind and efforts! I am trying to do hvs also and have made a least one a week. I think it makes the members feel cared about and I am hoping it will create a grater feeling of friendship at our meetings. Would you be able to share the training document? We are having chapter level training using the Compassion in Action booklets. I am looking forward to more discussion here.


I am a YWD District Chieft, May 10 we were declared a district and I was assigned responsibilities to be the Dist. Chief. Thanks for this platform to hear from all other District chiefs and leaders.

I want to connect to Sensei - imbibe him in my thoughts , words and action. Everyday I am connecting more and more with Sensei and hence through me, I will help each and every member especially the YWDs form a strong bond with Sensei.

I have also taken it on myself to prove the correctness of the Mystic Law to everyone and I will do that by showing actual proof and Victory in my life. I will be an inspiration to all members to strive in this practice. I agree that we have to lead by Example.

Being a District chief has really made me Patient ( something I never ever had). Almost everyone around me feels I am a changed person- have become much more calm, patient yet very strong from within. I am now chanting for my district to become a Chapter and for many capable Youths to emerge from our soil - who can take responsibility and we all can shoulder the responsibility along with Sensei for resalising Kosen rufu.

After reading your post, you ARE the one with the Gakkai Spirit ALREADY!  Just remember it starts with one person.  Your post has already inspired me for having such a compassionate seeking spirit!
Cannot imagine anything better than chanting WITH a member to encourage them and having a dialogue AFTER chanting. For some people, doing something together that is value-creating is encouraging (if they have time). In my case we go on hikes on Sunday which gives us a chance to enjoy nature, exercise and most of all, just talk freely. We are not required to give answers to people's personal issues, only about their questions about the practice. For the former, we can related our own or other's personal experiences that relate, with the intent to point them back to the Gohonzon.

Have you read the small booklet Compassion In Action? It is available at your community center bookstore.


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