Dear Buddhas,

Thank you very much for your efforts to encourage each other. My wife says she is not finding the Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism practical to life. Please guide me how should I encourage her? Request all your perspective on this.

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I had an answer but first ask for us what she means 'practical'?




She feels that we are not able to enjoy our life with each other and that every weekend looks life full of activities etc...

The short answer is, since this is about you & your wife, you are the only person who can determine what is 'practical' for BOTH of you.  It's not the organization or Buddhism really.  You have to make a decision so that you balance your life - daily and your building your relationship with your family.  Since you are the 'envoy' of the Buddha, you are the one who needs to make sure that you are fulfilling together with your wife your marriage.  Don't let the 'activities' of SGI be your excuse to NOT be at home at a certain time or place.Maintain your daily practice, attend or fulfill your activities in the SGI so that it is supportive of your work and your family, not the other way around.  Best for you to get some personal guidance with a leader you trust and of course someone who understands what it is that makes a marriage (smile).  IF you are happy and your wife is also, it will go a long way so that finally she'll be more supportive of your Buddhist activities outside of the household.

Thank you very much sir.

Any other addons also please welcome


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