I was dis-appointed by the photo of the gohonzon on this app on the I-phone. I hope that people don't purchase this and support this app

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a creator for the app (a member of this site) expressed his wish to advertise it in here.  When he said he wasn't a member, red flags just popped in my mind and I expressed my concerns tried to make him aware of a bit of history & tradition, and asked him to check in with the local SGI org.  In the end, I decided NOT to have him publish an ad about it in here after reading a couple of reviews from SGI members who did purchase this app.   Can you please email the name and site of the app David so I can see if it's the same guy?  How much it's selling for?  how did you find this app or did someone recommend it to you?   I'd like to let the SGI office know about it.



Seems like he has links for the iPhone app store under a flase name of Zen Mandola. He is also trying to sell in the Asian market as well. I can reach out to Eathan Galbum in NYC and then he can contact the leaders about this app. I saw a screen shot that had the Gohozon displayed as an image, very nice looking, but don't like the Gohozon being used this way..




I think the best way to stop this is too make an app for iPhone and give away free.....

Thanks, Thomas.  Great suggestion.  Yes, please let Ethan know about it.  best, Dan
Totally not acceptable. The point of having this is for travelers' ease for daimoku & gongyo. Should be well respected and not meant for profit gaining! Pray in heart or in a space, not to an image on iPhone!


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