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My name is Jennifer Klein. I am a fortune baby and have been practicing consistently for 11 years.


My experience is bout how making the decision to participate sustaining contribution was the catalyst I needed to begin to break through my financial karma.

Throughout my life I have made many stupid mistakes that ended up costing me large amounts of money. When I started dating someone whose financial karma was even worse than mine, things went from bad to worse. For the past year, I had been living with and supporting my boyfriend and myself. I am a recent college grad without a lot of experience, so while I had a good job, there still never seemed to be enough. My boyfriend rarely had a job, and contributed to the household financially even less. The financial and emotional stress of the relationship was eating away at my life. If I would try to break up with him, he would come by several times a day, refusing to let me go, until I would weaken enough to let him back. It got to the point where I was beginning to believe that I didn’t have a choice but to be stuck in this relationship forever.

My living environment wasn’t the best either. All my neighbors hated my boyfriend and the people living upstairs would spread rumors about us to the other neighbors. I felt so uncomfortable and unhappy in my own home, but felt completely stuck.

Even with all my frustrations and hopelessness, I continued to attend SGI activities and chant to do my human revolution. After having to borrow money from my parents to pay rent after a $900 bill due to an accident caused by my boyfriend, I decided something had to be done about my financial karma. I had been hearing about sustaining contribution all year, but had always thought about signing up at an inconvenient time.

But enough was enough. After getting home from March Kosen-rufu Gongyo, I sat down and finally signed up for sustaining contribution, not knowing then that this action would completely change my life around. I signed up for sustaining contribution on March 6th. Something in me then suddenly snapped and a couple hours later I once again broke up with my boyfriend. He did his usual harassment for the next couple days, but then he told me that he wouldn’t be able to stay away from me if he stayed in San Luis Obispo. On March 10th, he not only moved out of San Luis Obispo, he moved out of California. I was shocked. I couldn’t believe he had actually left. Finally this huge financial and emotional burden was out of my environment.

The next day, March 11th, my friend showed me a beautiful condo she was looking at. We thought about moving into the condo together. The only problem was my lease wasn’t up until July and they wanted someone to move in right away. We decided that I would talk to my landlord that Monday to see my options for getting out of my lease early.

On Monday March 14th, I had the day off of work for our company holiday, “Solar Day.” After Gongyo, I gave my landlord a call. I call and say I was wondering what my options were for getting out of my lease early. She responded, “Oh, we were going to send you an eviction notice today because of all the complaints about your boyfriend.” It turned out the final straw was something he had done just a few hours before leaving California. She continued, “But since you are looking to move out, why don’t you just bring by a letter today saying when you’ll be out by and we won’t send the eviction notice.” So not only was I getting out of my lease, I got to pick the date, didn’t have to deal with subleasing, and I was going to get my deposit back as if I had moved out when my lease was supposed to end.

Just a few minutes later we found out that we got the condo we had looked at just 3 days before. The new place was beautiful with larger bedrooms, a living room big enough for district meetings and all new appliances. The icing on the cake was that for the first four months, rent was $400 less than what I was paying before, and $200 less after that. That Friday, we signed the lease and on Friday March 25th, we moved into our amazing new condo. Two weeks after moving in, I got a raise and a bonus at work.

So in just one month from making the cause to contribute financially to SGI, I got out of a horrible relationship, moved out of an apartment complex with crazy neighbors, moved into a beautiful condo with cheaper rent and received a raise at my job. For the first time ever, I have money to spare at the end of the month and have been able to finally begin paying off my credit card debt and put money into savings. Now with May contribution, I am going to challenge myself to contribute an almost uncomfortable amount of money because I know with this practice I can overcome anything. I have been a part of the SGI all my life, and would not give up the SGI or this practice for anything. I am so grateful for all the amazing members and their continued support, and I am so happy to have May contribution as an opportunity to show my gratitude. Thank you.

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thank you


Great Experience
What a beautiful experience! Thank u Marga for encouraging me :), now I am even more determined to start making contribution n eradicate my financial karma no matter what!
Best always,

very encouraging.I made a contribution to BSG now


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