Hi all.
I'm a member of south Italy of 24 year.i want to ask you one question. my family is again me. i chant more daimoku but my father don't want that i chant and he say me bad world (he say me that I am stupid girl).my sister say me that i chant more daimoku. she is again me. i have a boyfriend but my sister don't like him and she don't want that i stay with him,but i love him and he is my kosen rufu's man.if you want say me what i can do.

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Sometimes family stinks, doesn't it? ;-D

They say we're born with the circumstances and the people like family that we have because this is the mission we 'chose'. Sometimes members of our family know how to push our buttons because they 'know' your karma, and sometimes they are there to remind us how much we still have to change our 'poison into medicine.'

My father used to say 'stupid' to me, but then he said that to all my older brothers when I was growing up. Whether he meant it or not, and all of the time he didn't mean to, my father said these things because he couldn't understand or able to 'control' what was happening around him.

Anyway, chant to open their hearts and especially yours. IF there's something that your sister doesn't like about your man, ask her why and try to listen without smacking her back (smile). -Dan
thank you
The Daishonin wrote to the Ikegami brothers... he encouraged them to "not give up" and eventually their father appreciated them...

for myself, my sisters were not happy that I was a Buddhist; however, after many years of practice and actually showing actual proof; they even set up a "private space" for me to chant, complete with candles and incense.

It will take time, but please read the letter to the Ikegami brothers and keep chanting... good luck.. Nani
my last husband would make a lot of noise, ruffling papers and banging pots and pans... Guess what? He recieved his own Gohonzon and became a leader (for awhile)... don't give up...


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