For the members who practices nicheren daishonin buddhism. can we go for fortune telling? what does the buddhism says about going for fortune telling? and any guidance regarding to it?

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This is Danielle Richards who shares her experience that included fortune telling before she experienced the results of chanting earnestly. 
Read Her Story

Greetings and Gassho Hinzs.  I thank Chris Tinney for his reply.  I feel I may have a more pertinent experience about foretune telling.

  In my life i experienced much like Danielle Richards in that i learned much from trial and error my path but i had one with many, many more in roads and detours.

 I am still seeking.  I spent much time researching and in getting involved in fortune telling. what i found is that in one's path what one does, who one speaks to, where one goes, what one chooses has subtle and profound influences on our thinking. i hope i do not seem to be diverging or rambling, but seek to lay a strong foundation.

 common in fortune telling is the spoken or unspoken undercurrent or assumption that 

we are seeking to know 'what will happen'.  this is so wonderful to disspell our fears, comfort us and give us a sense of purpose. that said,  feeling the future is something to be viewed and waited for, to be expected with anticipation, is

not truly compatible with SGI Buddhism.  i learned in my searching different fortune telling that 'one' which i leave unnamed. provides a ~lay out~ of 'the decisions OPEN to us, and the choice is ours.

such is it in this Buddhism, we set our sights and with Ichinen Sanzen we make that hope, become a dream and that dream become a marvelous reality through the power of our  Daimoku and spirit.

i hope this shares an unbias view, which gives some balance of what role we should take.

choose your company well least you think the future is made for you BY OTHERS or other powers, you are

the captain of your own ship and enlightenment, with Mystic Law as your guide.




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