We are having a discussion about the time to do gongyo at a discussion meeting. Is it important to do gongyo right at the beginning of the hour - say 7:00 and then chant daimoku or chant daimoku for some time maybe 10 minutes  then do gongyo? i am wondering if this issue is focusing on the formality of doing prayers or has some deeper meaning? Any thoughts? I'd really like to hear from some other members as this issue!

Your in faith-Kelly

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It's most important to have a dialogue with your comrades in faith within the district to decide what's best fits your district.  I don't believe it says anywhere you have to do gongyo first.

However I am the type of person I would luv to start on time but that's just me only and need to be considerate of other members....maybe waiting about 5 minutes, 10 minutes the most.  are you all waiting for majority of membership to show up?  those are the types of questions to ask with each other.

Yes we have been discussing it and I was wondering if there is a format most members follow. We have been waiting for most members to arrive about 10 minutes. Now we have some members that moved into the district who have brought up the question. Thanks for your thoughts!

I'd like to suggest to my members to do gongyo before the discussion meeting ends...that way every one is there and we do have members who travel far and can't often make it in time for the 7:00 pm start.  just an idea...to discuss openly.

HI Dan-

 Thanks for the reply! This was another suggestion at one of the discussions we had about this issue. We have kept with our original format- doing gongyo at about 7:10 after chanting some daimoku. We have new members who were asking about why we didn't do gongyo right at 7:00 or whenever the meeting started. It inspired some thoughtful conversations : )


Everyone district or group has the right to decide on their own how gongyo is conducted at a meeting.

When my husband was pulled off the streets of New York City by two members doing propagation he was brought to a meeting where he was introduced to a senior leader who was explaining the practice to him. But what he was most impressed with was the sound of daimoku coming from members chanting in another room. He wanted to be in that room.

I feel that when we do shakabuku activity or any activity, planning or study, gongyo and daimoku is so important first thing to raise all the members life conditions so that everyone can participate to the best of their ability.  The practice of chanting and reciting the sutra is the one thing we all have in common from the infinite past. Why not go to Eagle Peak again and relive our vow as Bodhisattvas of the Earth?

Doing gongyo or daimoku first is irrelevant as chanting one daimoku is reciting the entire Lotus Sutra.

Although I know that people coming together for the first time in a while want to greet each other and begin conversing especially if there is a problem or obstacle members are experiencing, still to chant together for kosen rufu is the most noble cause we can make.


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