This may seem very ridiculous topic,  I dont know whether this is relevant question or not, here in this site...:(((


 I am 27 yrs old and have been practicing ND philosophy for the past 4 yrs....I am a strong member of Young Men's Division of BSG (Indian SGI). I started getting bald and my hairline is receding at a very quick rate, I am also suffering from a advanced stage of dandruff which is also the major cause of my baldness, besides that..this has been a heriditary phenomena in our family...I have consulted many doctors and underwent many medication in allopathy, homeopathy etc...but none of them worked....rather it aggravated the loss of hair...I browsed very extensively in the net to get a right treatment for this my amazement i didnt find anything appropriate.......I am very curious to ask this  silly question? Ican I know any member's experience of fighting there bald head and growing healthy hair on their bald heads with strong prayer. We have seen many experiences of members fighting impossible diseases like AIDS, Cancer and many other health problems and completely eradicating it miraculously with strong prayer and struglling very hard for Kosen Rufu. 



But, I am yet to come across an experience of a member who has grown healthy hair on his head and overcame baldness, how did they pray for it?


Please  let me know and forward the experience if any of you come across....


Thank You Very Much.....

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For us male pattern baldness fellows, I just read something about zinc (from eating beef) as a hair rejuvenator. Careful cause it's toxic in pill form and adds vim & zing to male hormonal (ahem) issues.
Try looking at it another way...bald headed men are very hubba, hubba cute:) I have more than a few male friends with early balding who went all the way- shaved off the rest- proud of their shiny dome.
Patrick Stewart, Montel Williams, Yul Brenner- just a few men with those lovely bald heads.
However if you want to try hair growth- Rogaine solution does help.
From your friendly neighborhood pediatrician.
mimi u put it nicely
baldies r handsome
at the end of the day it is the heart that matters
No, it's not a silly topic @ all. However we can give you our own remedies, suggestions etc...If it's effecting your life in anyway then pray with conviction to overcome either your feelings about it or even curing it.
I think the key is your relalization of why you feel this way & how to move forward w/appropriate wise buddhism wisdom. Maybe this doesn't make much sense. I hope you kinda understand what I'm trying to say. It's hard to express in words @ times.
"Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo is like a roar of a lion" remember this gosho passge.
This doesn't sound ridiculous to me, especially if it's making you feel uncomfortable. I believe that you can have the victory in anything if you chant with all your heart & being, but it is you that has to believe that. Anything is possible with our practice. Linda Johnson said in one of her lectures that we should chant for the impossible & that to chant for something possible is a waste of the Gohonzon's time...wish I had a copy of that lecture, cause it sure was super inspirational.

Have you looked into trying Pranyama?, especially in India should be easy to find someone to show you.

I will pray & chant for you to have success in this area of your life...take care.
Mean while try your best not to stress about this, cause stress causes more hair loss & desease.

Thank You Suki and all for such a wonderful words of encouragement.....Actually, If I introspect and look back, I could realise that, I have given up on this and decided that eradicating my dandruff problem ( Seborrheic Dermatitis as diagonised by one of the doctors ) and growing hair will not be possible at all for me in this lifetime...added to it..I have seen many bald active young men's division members in Gakkai as well which in turn strenghten my thought that it will not be possible...may be I will have to stop worrying and restart myself to "chant for something impossible" as Suki said......Thank you all very much once again..But, I am still curious to read a solid experience of any member in this world who has overcome this problem and shown actual proof...please attach that file if possible and send it to me.....Thanks a lot.....:)))

I started losing my hair when I was in my early 20s. I started chanting at first to stop the hair loss and spent quite a bit of money and time daily trying to keep my hair looking decent.

The more I chanted the more I felt deep down that the best option was for me to shave my head. I must admit it was the best decision I made. It felt so liberating to let go of the worry of how my hair looked and accept myself as a bald man. Instead of focusing my time and money on my hair I redirected my energy on working out at the gym and my studies. In all honesty, I even felt more attractive than ever in that I was attracting positive attention.

I used to know another member who told me he was once also losing his hair and was chanting about it (among other things). As he chanted, he came across information about a drug called Propecia (Finesteride). He obtained a perscription from his doctor and his hair loss stopped. My brother is also taking Propecia and swears it stopped his hair loss as well.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. Feel free to email in private if you prefer.

Best of luck!!

Nam myoho renge kyo


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