Introduction to Eternity of Life - Birth and Death "Inadvertently Omitted"

Sorry, I forgot to post my Intro to,"Eternity of Life - Birth and Death".





I was searching thru my inbox and came across something I composed and sent to someone who had lost a loved one. I thought to share it with all of u.
  Hello ________,
I thought  what I pasted below might help bring you some solace. I understand it is not necessary for me to do so, as I think you have the inner strength to deal with your sadness, and I also understand it is natural to grieve. But Its good to have compassion for others, is it not? The other side of the coin of compassion is courage, sometimes we may not always be able to summon up compassion, but if we strive to be courageous, compassion often is the result.
I also understand you practice a different Buddhism than I do. But I have realized that there are elements that transcend different religions, things like: Sincere heart-felt Prayer, Heart-to-Heart Communication with others,"not just speaking eloquently", Determination, Courage, Compassion, Justice, Respect, Tolerance, and to truly Understand with your life what it is to be human.
Though I do not know you well, I do care for your well-being because you are a fellow Human Being, as well as someone I have crossed life paths with.
Be Well,

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To have compassion for others I believe is to also have compassion for oneself. Least ways that's what I feel about It. What motivates me to compassionate action, is really, deep down inside, secretely, a compassion for my own life. That's just me however. Perhaps I'm also self centered (yikes)
Herb, no I do not think that u r self-centered! The old adage,"if u want to help others, u must help yourself as well", is true. One cannot be very helpful to others if one does not address their particular health, financial, emotional, etc aspects of their life. We must win in all phases of r lives! The principle of practicing for one's self and practicing for others is elegant in its simplicity, where practicing for one's self and practicing for others is inextricably interwoven to where if one really wants to help themselves they must also help others. If this principle were false, I doubt there would be very many of us altruistic to the point of not caring about themselves as well.
How Sublime is our Great Practice of SGI Nichiren Buddhism!
Herb, upon review, let me re-write the last sentence before,"How Sublime ...".I think I boo-boo'ed (Sheepish grin)".

This hopefully, is clearer: { I doubt there would be very many of us altruistic to the point of caring about others at all, as most would probably only care about themselves.}
Hi, This is my first post in the forum, please kindly be compassionate towards me and my english. Thanks in advance.

I agreed that to have compassion for others is also being compassionate to ourselves, our life would expand and life condition elevated due to the altruistic actions, speeches and thoughts. This is why in my view, buddhism is the most compassionate philoshophy in the world. There is no win-lose situation, only win-win. Ikeda Sensei once mentioned:"to pray only for ourselves is selfish, to pray only for others is hypocrite" So, I think its perfectly right for us to win in our lives and thus able to encourage others.

Anyway, true compassion will arised throught correct buddhist practise, so instead of praying while still at a state of "hunger" (meaning we will only be thinking of ourselves, which is normal), we should strive to live our lives as bodhsattvas of the earth (elevated life condition), which will see us receiving loads of good fortune and prayers answered as opposed to the prayers of "hunger". Please note that I am not against having desires, but just to kick start the journey with the right ichinen.

Thank you.
Thanks Joe! I agree with you, prayers based on the life conditions of higher worlds will get a greater response from the universe. This is interrelated to the confidence that we manifest, when we truly realize that we are in fact, Buddhas.


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