This is a most difficult time for me!  With struggles with depression- addiction and financial woes!  Struggling to re-invent my self as the Buddha of absolute freedom!   I am also chanting to transform our kaikan into the buddha's land !  I am leading a large discussion with many people about the power of the gohonzon!  It is so frustrating having built this palace of kosen-rufu as a wedding present to share! Chanting my fourth million diamoku to find the princess/queen as my mystical life partner!   Thank you for your diamoku!  Sincerely. Davld

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Hi david, so you have the devil of the 6th heaven and his underlings at your side, After i gave birth to my daughter, my life had changed so much that i didnt recognise my life any more so i went on a buddhist course where the lecture was talking about when your life changes so much that you lose your identity she recomended that we saw ourself as an artist with a blank canvas, she said at this point we had to deside, what kind of picture we wanted to paint in our lives she said that we were the ones holding the brush so be creative.

i hope that will help, also i kinda felt that i had lost my soka mojo 2010 was a year of fighting with devilish functions, i desided to seek out oneness of mentor and desciple so i have started to read the human revolution volume 8 back in mr todas day the first chapter is outstand in inspiration, even if you just read this chapter im sure you will have an huge victory .

Was visiting Jacqueline's page and saw your discussion. I am challenging 3 hours a day to overcome this deep seated depression that comes out of nowhere and often. I am vowing to tell someone every day about this practice. What I am finding is that I need to encourage other people so that I can hear myself actually talking to me. It is a high feeling. Even today with the icy cold and gray skies that I brood under so well. On Jacqueline's page is a 1974 determination by President Ikeda. I may just put it by my alter to remind me of how Human Revolution is done.


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