created this site in 2008. I was shown uncommon kindness by SGI members in Hawaii, Portland and Florida as I traveled the country. At the time it wasn't easy to connect with SGI members, as I traveled, so I created this website.

Soon hundreds of people started showing up and I realized it was an awesome chance for Kosen Rufu and asked Dan to help. He found some great people to admin and it has been a great experience ever since. I have never asked for financial help nor have I emailed you very often. My goal has always been to introduce as many people as possible to SGI.  

Today, not many people show up because the entire site is hidden and blocked from the the public because of the settings we have selected. I would like to go back to how it used to be and have it show up in searches. That's the contribution I had always intended to make - introducing more people to SGI Buddhism. 

To that end I'm seeking comments. If you don't care. do nothing. If you do, please let me know. If you have concerns or need help making your profile or posts private just let me know. Everyone has teh ability to make their own profile or posts private.

I would like to put the decision back n the individual members hands.   


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Hi.  I believe this should be kept private.  There are official SGI sites that non-practicing people can come across, or consult for more info.  If there are too many non-official sites out there, it can cause confusion, plus not all sites will have KR at it's heart - some may wish to spread disunity, or slander this beautiful practice.  I'm sure that is not true of this site, but it makes sense to me to have one official site, and keep others as private. Also, your opening comments about the uncommon kindness would have a very different weight if this site was misconstrued as 'official' opinion, don't you think? I traveled the world visiting many members and centres and experienced nothing but warmth and welcome.  However, you are more than entitled to express your opinion... as long as this is a closed site.  AS soon as it becomes public your opinion becomes hurtful slander, or open to intolerance.  Yes, no?  Wishing you happiness. Juliette

I'm not sure of whether we are official or not has any bearing on whether it should be private or public. I might be missing something but I'm not sure how being open or to be more accurate, letting members decide makes it more or less official. So I acknowledge I dont have some info I obviously need to understand. 

What I do know is we could be introducing dozens of people a month to their local chapters. Most are not coming as there are not new people coming. Your profile shows your last activity in 2010. That speaks to the issue of how involved people are. Less than a dozen different people are visiting each month vs 200 or more that would be coming and resulting in a couple dozen or more people a month getting connected to local chapters. 

I appreciate your comments, but plan to make the community public at the end of the week. Any member can set their profile, posts, pictures etc to private so I don't see the point in not giving people a choice. The alternative is to close it down. With this many members its now close to $100 a month with the extra storage. So I dont really see paying that for the 12 people that visited in the last 30 days.    


Thanks, Chris, for your decision to make this site open and public!  You truly are a generous heart and fulfilling our shared mission for kosen-rufu!

Chris - I think you answered my question, but I'm not really sure what it means. Can you explain the current situation for a simpleton? BTW, I certainly empathise. I do not suffer exercizes in futility lightly. I also find it rather sad that SGI-USA has not expanded its outreach to more communities in this barbaric nation. Oh, well... More Daimoku, Shakubuku & more continuous devotion to Kosen-rufu is clearly the only solution. Glad this network & the resources are still available to me & my friends & FB "Friends" and other SGI members in the vast dark wilderness of Uhmerkuh. ;-) Thanks again. NMRK, NMRK...

Juliette - Hello and thanks for your candid response. I now agree with you 99.99%. I'm not sure that an opinion expressing a personal experience of travel could really be considered slander. Yet, I can See how almost anything we could share from our heart could be used and twisted by some of SGI's more twisted & deranged enemies. Having just found your comment (posted in Feb.'015) it gave me pause to reflect on all the time that's passed since I found the query on the issue Chris raised. It also makes me wonder what the outcome was. It seems to me that posts on this network may still be viewable by nonmembers, but that it is not an "official" SGI sponsored/moderated site. Are you still monitoring posts here Chris? What's the current status of this network & what's viewable by the public? Thanks to both of you. NMRK, NMRK...

hi It is very lovely site & i have been enjoying still like but due to laziness i am not writing. I liked the intitative taken by Chris Tiney. I shl participitate now. Thxs Tiney Chris
I disagree Juliette, I feel that making the site public will do more good then harm. There is tons of slander out on the web about the SGI all some one had to do is search on google. I think that this site would help keep the slander away plus I feel like this site is our like our SGI Facebook where we can talk, meet, hang out wit our SGI friends. People will always act differently apon reading what other people say rather online or in person, it's near impassable to be your self and not have people nit pick over your words, but that's life. I believe that we should not be afraid of such things but challenge them like our 3 founding presidents would. is now the 2ed web site you see when you search Nichiren Buddhism. SGI global leadership is has recognize that social media is a big part of our life today and using it to keep in contact with others is vital. Most if not all my leaders are on Facebook keeping in touch with me. I see this website in more beneficial then Facebook if it is made public. I am a Sokahan that has practice this Buddhism for over 4 years, I received Gohnzon in FL, when Orlando first became a Region and I vote Hai! Yes! Make it public.

:-) Zandoff - That's a refreshing view! Yet, seeing the scarcity of interaction on this SGI network, I must hope & pray that most network members are too busy with their local district activities to engage in much dialog here. BTW, Z, where are you? I'm in a tiny town an hour away from the nearest traffic light - much farther away from an active district or SGI culture center.

Well, you simply have to ask yourself two questions,

"What was my initial reason for creating this site?"

And, "Have those reasons been achieved?"...If the reasons have been achieved, then do nothing...

If they haven't, then you need to change the settings.

You stated at the beginning of your letter that," wasn't easy to connect with SGI I created this website."

If the settings do not allow the site to be found using a Search Engine, then that immediately restricts newcomers to those who have been told by word of mouth about it, which makes the initial reason you stated  for creating the site difficult to achieve.

Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo from Aotearoa/New Zealand

I do think so !!

You had a great idea when created this site ... according to Kosen Rufu purpose !!

In my opinion in unfair to block this site to preserve privacy!

Everyone must be responsable for its data ...

And everyone can have the ability for managing its profile.

Have a nice day


I value my privacy highly.  This is the only site I participate on, and a big reason is because I feel more secure here than on any other site.  I would prefer it remain private.  I appreciate your intentions, so maybe there is another way to let other members know about this site, without sacrificing privacy and security.

Thank you!


I respect your opinion, but please think about for a second: why you need to feel "more secure"? As a Nichiren's disciple we must show only courage, we chant not to have any fear


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