created this site in 2008. I was shown uncommon kindness by SGI members in Hawaii, Portland and Florida as I traveled the country. At the time it wasn't easy to connect with SGI members, as I traveled, so I created this website.

Soon hundreds of people started showing up and I realized it was an awesome chance for Kosen Rufu and asked Dan to help. He found some great people to admin and it has been a great experience ever since. I have never asked for financial help nor have I emailed you very often. My goal has always been to introduce as many people as possible to SGI.  

Today, not many people show up because the entire site is hidden and blocked from the the public because of the settings we have selected. I would like to go back to how it used to be and have it show up in searches. That's the contribution I had always intended to make - introducing more people to SGI Buddhism. 

To that end I'm seeking comments. If you don't care. do nothing. If you do, please let me know. If you have concerns or need help making your profile or posts private just let me know. Everyone has teh ability to make their own profile or posts private.

I would like to put the decision back n the individual members hands.   


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Gerri - Do or did you feel that either public or official scrutiny or might subject you to scorn, ridicule, persecution or other kinds of negative reactions? 

Thank you for asking our opinion. Open up the site to searches. We can modify our privacy settings quite easily. I just did. Go for it.
Yours in Kosen Rufu,

Hi. First of all, thanks for what you're doing! I believe this should be public. Absolutely. There is no difference between official and not official Sgi sites. The heart matter. We, as member of the Sgi, are bodhisattva in official and not official sites. So, if "public" reach more people, "public" should be! What are we waiting for? Anyway, I will accept every decision you'll make. NMRK

I thought the site was gone. I'm kinda happy to be back. Great points have been made on both sides of the question, all valid. I totally agree with the importance of consistency of message for the SGI. I also totally agree that it may be useful to some seeking the practice to encounter our true duversity, that we love our SGI community AND we're allowed to think for ourselves and self express...a point that can be lost to on-lookers sometimes. I don't see a clear right or wrong here, and I wholeheartedly suggest that you chant for your own wisdom. What is your sense of mission, are your motivations in line with the teachings, what is your determination, what is the cause, what is the effect? The wisdom you need is already in you, like the jewel in the robe. Be mindful of your effects and create the causes you are here to make. When I get confused about what is wise or deluded, I remind myself that wisdom relieves suffering and delusion creates it. I respect whatever your ichinen says to you. :)

I'm open to it being public, as I am public with everything I do.  I don't have a private life; I'm completely public person.   My facebook page is completely public and all my pictures and post are too, and I say everything on my mind on my twice a week radio program, and I write about everything in my songs, poems and books and I never hold anything back or keep anything private, mostly because I believe I'm an infinite being, the true buddha from time with out beginning, all oneness, part of everything and I have transcended my lessor self that thinks it is somehow separated from everyone.  I even write many of my crazy dreams I have when I sleep in my dream journal on Facebook and my wildest fantasies.  I'd even walk down the street naked if it wasn't against the law and it wasn't so freezing in Japan.     

Hi I completely believe the site should be open to the public. A quote from Daisaku Ikeda's  "For Today & Tomorrow" keeps popping in my mind since receiving Chris's email this morning. Here it is! And I think it's related to the problem. From February 21st guidance on page 57. "Friendship is strong. Friendship, camaraderie and unity in faith lie at the heart of the SGI. They come before the organization. We must never make the mistake of thinking that it is the other way around. The organization serves as a means for deepening friendship, comradeship and faith. To confuse the means and the end is a terrible mistake". Hope I don't sound so militant about this point but it's all about openness and sharing our lives/practice and not being controlled. This website was wonderful out in the the open for all to see please lets let it's light shine out to the world again. Chris, thank's for bring this to our attention. 

Hello. I'm sorry but I forgot this existed. I can tell you put a great deal of work into it. No effort is wasted! However I do see many in facebook and since the time you created this site the SGIUSA has significantly improved their site. I wonder how this could add greater value? I'll have to chant about that...

I thank you for your efforts! Ann

Thanks for the reminder--I had forgotten about this group. Public sounds good to me. When most people think of Buddhism, they are more likely to have heard of Zen or Tibetan, so if this is public, someone searching may be able to encounter Nichiren Buddhism instead. 

I would go public. We have nothing to hide :)
I see no reason for hiding the website. People are looking for something that is missing in their lives and it's important for that there are websites like this one where people can connect. I agree that we have nothing or hide, so why are we hidden?

Dear Chris, thanks for creating this site, have enjoy it very much and due to time constain I have not been participating for quite a while.  However, I think it is good to go public as you mentioned you wanted it as a mean for Kosen Rufu.

Just my thought, have a wonderful weekends.

Hello Chris and dear friends and members of our SGI Family. I think it was a courageous move to create this website with the commitment to promote KR. I think it serves the same purpose to a greater extent as our discussion meetings and other activities, where we invite and encourage our families, friends and acquaintances to the full extent of our Shakubuku efforts to attend as guests, and to enable anyone to grasp and deepen their understanding of Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism and how to practice correctly.

The design and construction if the site is commendable, and in my opinion far surpasses many other community sites on the web. With the volumes of formation content i, resources and activities that are provided and accessible at appropriate levels, so long as all the material is authentic, I think it serves its purpose to promote KR.

We are all entitled to our opinions, even as I'm following the comments in this forum, both for and against, I believe serve a valuable purpose. However, we should all be concerned about the issues of security, both personally and for the SGI Community and as far as movement to promote Kosen Rufu itself. We should all take personal responsibility, including the Editorial Staff of the site, for the need to protect our own  individual integrity and that of the mission for World Wide Kosen Rufu.

We can dissect, analyse and intellectualize the pros and cons of this issue forever. While this I believe is the purpose of our activities, based on the practice of Nichiren Buddhism by chanting Daimoku for the wisdom to advance and grow to become the truest form of a humanitarian network.

I think we should all try to understand the hazards and dangers which exist in this environment of 'Cyber Space', and seek the wisdom to apply the best mechanisms to advance for Kosen Rufu.


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