created this site in 2008. I was shown uncommon kindness by SGI members in Hawaii, Portland and Florida as I traveled the country. At the time it wasn't easy to connect with SGI members, as I traveled, so I created this website.

Soon hundreds of people started showing up and I realized it was an awesome chance for Kosen Rufu and asked Dan to help. He found some great people to admin and it has been a great experience ever since. I have never asked for financial help nor have I emailed you very often. My goal has always been to introduce as many people as possible to SGI.  

Today, not many people show up because the entire site is hidden and blocked from the the public because of the settings we have selected. I would like to go back to how it used to be and have it show up in searches. That's the contribution I had always intended to make - introducing more people to SGI Buddhism. 

To that end I'm seeking comments. If you don't care. do nothing. If you do, please let me know. If you have concerns or need help making your profile or posts private just let me know. Everyone has teh ability to make their own profile or posts private.

I would like to put the decision back n the individual members hands.   


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Nichiren States: "Both practice and study arise from faith. Teach others to the best of your ability"

("The True Aspect of all Phenomena," WND-1, 386)

Hi Chris, I am so pleased to see that this site is still around, I have tried finding it before but without success.  It was joining your site back in 2011 that led me to meeting a member of SGI-USA and moving from the UK to the USA.  My main purpose of joining originally was to make contact with SGI members around the world to compare our experiences of the practice.

I know there are 'official' SGI websites but I think if this one is public then non-SGI members who may be thinking of joining can get a real feel from this site of just how close and supportive a community we are.  I feel that it is up to each member to adjust their Privacy settings according to what they are comfortable with.

What an awesome story! Thanks so much for sharing. And thanks for the comments on the issues at hand .:)

Wow I haven't seen this much action here in a couple of years. Thank you everyone for posting and sharing your thoughts. 

I feel heard and understood and that feels good even if everyone doesn't agree. Most have said we should make more areas public. I say "more areas" because each member can choose whether or not they want to make their profile, posts or pictures public. The questions we ask when you join are not public. This is the way Facebook and other communities work and it seems to work well. 

Additionally, we can choose to have some or all of the forums for members only. For instance, we could leave the introduction forum public and have some or all of the rest for members only.  

I will reply to several of the posts later this evening, but I was really happy with the serious consideration everyone has given and continues to give. I believe the most of the concerns people have about security can be handled by the member choosing for them self.

I'm excited. I'll be looking at making the changes this evening. Frankie, Dan and the other admins have been great at helping approve new members and we'll continue to connect with each new member to make sure they understand our community, what we're about and how to connect with their local district.

This is a great discussion. 


Hi Chris, thank you for all your efforts. I haven't been here in so long I don't remember, so maybe I don't rate a vote. My opinion is leaning towards open.  I would prefer to be open. Member, non-member, wiseman, or fool, why not hear from all? No thought is wasted. Slanderers? I have no fear. I have the truth, no weapon can stand against me. Whatever you decide is o.k. with me. Thanks for the reminder. I think I thought this site closed. Now that I know, I'll visit. And a salute to Dan that courageous caregiver for kosen rufu, if I could be more like him it would make a better world possible.

Thanks Philip. I will start by seconding your comment about Dan. The world could use more people like him. He has done so much for not only our community here but for the SGI community overall.

And your vote most certainly counts. Welcome back!!

It's been a while since I've been on this site! For me I do care, and believe that this site needs to be searchable and available to the public. Nichiren Daishonin Buddhism is a philosophy of life that teaches value and happiness in this life right now as well as the next. One look at the world today and you know that with the spread of this Buddhism has tremendous value, why not share it with that someone who could possible come across it. BTW, thank you so much for your energy and efforts to put this together, mahalo :))

I think open to the public will increase knowledge of the movement. By finding the site by a search engine is a post I've move.

I post nothing I want to keep private. Discussion is the name of the game and if you don't wish to discuss, don't post.

Hi dear Chris and all-

Thank you for the thoughtful query and bump. This place is a jewel; you truly have kept in heart your original purpose. I have been obliviously wandering around wishing for a happy safe place, forgetting that this space had become private, and not the slightest bit aware that you and friends have so considerately created a multi-dimensional happy haven. I joined in 2008, and in moving back and forth across borders and worlds, just lost track. I feel greatly benefited and  very fortunate that you found me now. Hooray!

SGI official sites are invaluable resources that allow direct up to the minute connections with President Ikeda, study, activities for peace around the world, and as such are not intended  for the purpose of interaction. So.  I say, yes, please, open the door to make this  village public. I live outside the US, and will look forward to creating a page here. Since the posts and profiles can remain private, and the moderators must have decided to be ready for all to share our dances together., please give it a whirl. Maybe you could elaborate on what it means for members to be able to remain private, for those who so appreciate that comforting and secure feature. 

Thank you so much!

I hate to give such a short recap of all these great comments, but here I go.....

So far, 17 people have expressed wanting to make it public or being OK with it. Two people have posted wanting to keep it private or having concerns about not being private.

I appreciate all the comments. I am moving forward this evening to make the sites general setting "public". If you click the "settings" link in the top right area (under your name) you can select what privacy setting you want. You will be able to have different settings on pictures, events, your profile and more. You can set it to  public, only seen by people you have marked as friends or visible only to other members. 

I think asking people to choose their own settings allows everyone to have it exactly how they want and still allows us as a community to reach more people online. 

If anyone has any questions or needs help feel free to message me. 

Thank you to every single person that took the time to comment.
I appreciate it.

Hi Chris. Thanks for the invitation. I have mixed feelings about opening the site. I would like to be part of conversations that discuss the study of Nichiren Buddhism, possibly venturing into connecting Buddhism to world events. Or looking at Buddhist concepts using compatible ideas from other philosophies or religions. These conversations can be easily misunderstood and turn sour, but then we as SGI members may one day be called upon to have those conversations anyway. I haven't participated on this site, but now I will check in to see how it's going. I appreciate your invitation. Thanks. -Dewey Adkins


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