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we will be having contribution day very soon. Looking for some study material and Newsletters so that i can read and share with member. can u suggest some and also share some guidances and also give some references for the same.

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Hi Ganesh,

"When an earnest disciple contribute a sack of polished rice to Nichiren Daishonin, a practitioner of the Lotus Sutra, this act is like contributing to our own life."

" Every thing that we do for the sake of Buddhism, so long as we do it with utmost sincerity, we can definitely expand our life and all our wishes fulfilled." --- Shin Yatomi

Below is a powerpoint presentation which we used for our SGM contribution in April, 2010.
Thank you so much Dear Buddha I am Encouraged.

Also looking for some study from NHR and HR volume references.
I also found some more references for this

b. Reply to Onichi-nyo (Gosho Book 1 - pg 1089) - Written to Onichi-nyo in 1280 from Minobu

c. The Bodies & minds of ordinary beings (Gosho Book 1 - pg 1133, 1134) - Written from Minobu

d. Roots of good fortune (Gosho Book 1 - pg 1103) - Written to Kubo-no-ama on 27 December 1281 from Minobu
Gosho : The wealthy man Sudatta & i think its NHR Vol4 where sensei specifically talks of the significne of the contribution day
Thank you
Hi Ganesh,

Roots of Good Fortune (WND, pg 163 - 164)

I have received the various gifts that you were kind enough to send.

The roots of good fortune are not determined by whether one’s offerings are large or small. Depending upon the country, the person, and the time, the merit gained will differ in various ways. Suppose one dries dung, breaks it up, passes it through a sieve, and forms it to resemble a block of sandalwood. Even if one were to then carve this into the image of a woman, a heavenly goddess, or a Buddha, when it is burned, it would still give off no other fragrance but the stink of dung. Similarly, if one kills or robs others and takes from them the first fruits of the harvest, then even if one should offer one’s gains with the intent of acquiring merit and good fortune, that offering would instead become an evil deed.

The wealthy man Sudatta was the richest person in all of India. He built Jetavana Monastery as an offering and invited the Buddha there. Yet his monastery burned down, and not a trace of it remained. This rich man originally gained his wealth by catching and selling fish, thus depriving them of life, and therefore in the end this monastery disappeared.

In the same way, the donations made by people today may seem impressive, but they are offerings of fiefs won in

battle, or of wealth gained by heedlessly oppressing the people. Though these gifts appear to be great acts of devotion to the Buddha, not only will the people who offer them fail to attain Buddhahood, but their contributions will vanish without a trace.

Again, even if one does no harm to others and honestly strives to make offerings, there will be cases in which one does not attain Buddhahood. To illustrate, if one plants good seed in a bad field, the seed itself will be ruined, and one will in turn suffer loss. Even if one is sincere, if the person to whom one makes offerings is evil, those offerings will fail to produce benefit; rather, they will cause one to fall into the evil paths.

Your own offerings were not made to me, Nichiren, but to the Lotus Sutra. Therefore, we must leave it to Shakyamuni Buddha, Many Treasures Buddha, and the Buddhas of the ten directions [to fathom the greatness of] the resulting benefits.

I have written to you about various events of this past year, but I must say that I do not recall at any time in my life such cold as we are now experiencing. The snow has fallen and piled up in great quantity. Even those with a strong resolve find it difficult to visit me. The fact that you have sent a messenger to me here shows that yours is certainly no ordinary sincerity!

With my deep respect,
Hi Ganesh,

Here is a link discussing the same topic that may be of some value....

Have a great campaign. Best always to you and your members....
Here is another link that looks at this subject from a different perspective....


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