The Physics of Chanting

by Emily Maroutian

When I first heard about the SGI practice of chanting, “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo,” I was skeptical and doubtful that it would actually “cause” anything to happen. After all, what could repeating a few words do anyway? However, I was open-minded enough to try it. 


I sat on my bed, closed my eyes and began to chant. I chanted for about five minutes and I immediately began to feel my body vibrate from the sound my vocal cords were making. I experienced a tingling sensation in the palm of my hands and the rhythm of the chant made my body rock back and forth. My body’s physical reaction to the chanting frightened me and so I stopped. Does this really work? I thought. But how can it? Then it suddenly hit me! Physics! 


Physics’ current theory of everything, String Theory, dictates that the entire universe is made up of tiny vibrating strings. The underlining fundamental make-up of all things, including you and I, are minuscule invisible strings. Much like the strings on a guitar, they vibrate and play notes. Moreover, since sound is a vibration, not only is the entire universe vibrating but it is also playing a symphony. 


So how does chanting work? When an opera singer hits a high note, she can break glass from across the room without ever touching anything. In physics, this is called resonance. Her vocal note and the glass’s vibrational note resonate and that causes the shattering effect.


You and I are constantly vibrating through our being. We attract (law of attraction) into our lives whatever it is that harmonizes with our note (law of harmonic vibrations). This is why you can meet someone and feel as though you have known them forever; both of you are harmonizing. They resonate with you and you resonate with them. 


We can also repel opposing vibrations (law of repulsion) and keep away situations and people that are vibrating on opposite levels. This is why people who have been in our lives for a long time can suddenly decide they want to move on. Our shift has repelled them because our vibrations don’t harmonize. 


If this is the case, then let them go and have faith that it’s all for the best. If you are shifting positively and people are dropping out of your life, let them go. You can’t hold back growth and transformation by holding onto someone who “needs” to leave. Holding on might require that you have to shift into a level that is unhealthy or negative. It may take time, but they will return once they can harmonize with you once again. 


When we chant something as powerful and beneficial as “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo,” we shift something within our being, which then alters what we attract into our lives. We alter the level in which we are vibrating on and that attracts a different level of people, things and situations.


In the same way, when we are depressed and carrying around self-pity, we vibrate on a level that attracts things that keep us feeling depressed. It also attracts more reasons, situations and issues that make us continue to pity ourselves. It is the Karma that we create and recreate over and over again. 


If we were to chant, “I hate my life.” repeatedly, we would attract and harmonize with people and situations that reinforce that statement. We also reinforce it with our thoughts, emotions and our whole being. 


Our environment will support our being regardless of how positive or negative we are. So we must not only chant “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo,” but we must become it as well. Our being must vibrate on the level of “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.” Our lives must align with it in order for its true power to be unleashed in our lives and our environment. 


Who we are is the biggest cause in our lives. Anyone at anytime can change their note. It begins with “Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo.” When we shift, our environment shifts. Every member of SGI knows this through experience, now there is a physical explanation of how it works.


Resonance, String Theory and the laws of attraction and harmony are what come into play when we devote ourselves to the mystical law of cause and effect through sound and vibration. Nichiren understood this hundreds of years before science discovered it. Now I understand it as well. Through this understanding, we can have faith that when we chant we are aligning ourselves with the highest good in the universe. 


My experience with chanting was very positive and life changing. Even though I chanted for only about five minutes, it only took a matter of four hours for my environment to respond to my request. After that experience, I began chanting everyday and continued to receive the same level of response from my environment. 


We chant because it begins with our words and moves through our thoughts, feelings, actions and being. Then it resonates in our environment and then the world. But it begins within us. The more we gather and the more we chant, the more energy we feed into our goal of a peaceful loving world. So never forget fellow Buddhas that the universe is playing a beautiful symphony in which you and I are notes. And when we all gather, we make beautiful music together."

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Please cite where you got this from..what publication, cite references, page #s

Emily is my SGI-USA friend from LA. She wrote this article because her group wanted her to put her experience on paper.


Beautiful, except for the misinformation about String Theory - which is not only NOT proven, it is unprovable and unfalsifiable, un-disprovable, making it a modern pseudo-science myth, not a truly scientific theory. For more info on this issue, I recommend the books "Not Even Wrong" and "The Trouble with Physics" and "The Big Bang Never Happened" - all 3 by great scientists. The "Mystic Law" is the miraculous law of the miracle of Life - far beyond disinformed pop scientism and the mathematical myths & speculations of educated yet conceited fools. Sincere daimoku is the infinite creative power and intelligence of universal Life AKA Buddha expressing itself and its transcendental reality. NMRK...

As Sensei Ikeda has ALWAYS encouraged us to Study, I appreciate both Emily's wonderful and personal experience, as well as, Michael's information about String Theory.  I watch the "sitcom" "Big Bang Theory", and it is just that (to me) a "comedy" that I can relax and watch.  I DO appreciate when I can learn correctly about the world of Physics of which I know nothing.  The MYSTIC LAW is what I *have* experienced....I know it is "beyond my imagination", but my own experiences are true and valid for my life.  THANK YOU both for your contributions.  I have learned to cite my sources now that we have the priesthood and temple issue to deal...I continue to chant for Nichiren Shoshu priesthood Buddha nature to manifest, but I also know we cannot keep silent where evil is concerned.   Thank goodness, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo includes BOTH sides of the proverbial coin.  Buddhism is WIN or in-between.  In our USA publication the Living Buddhism, President Ikeda encourages us that "Faith in the Lotus Sutra is not an intellectual or abstract theory.  It MUST enable us to demonstrate practical wisdom for WINNING in Society...Our lives, our DAILY existence and society are CONSTANTLY changing.  Every change is either for BETTER or for worse; there is no in-between.  That is why it is ESSENTIAL that our faith, our religion, ENABLES us to WIN.  (Living Buddhism (LB July 2015 P. 51)   Wow....thanks for the opportunity to "ramble".  Have a WONDERFUL day!!!

:) My Heart soars like an eagle! Thank you my dear & glorious Sisters. Since we are all inseparably one & infused with the Gohonzon, i feel totally blissed and confident in our progressive & eventually total Victory. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences & Heart wisdom & encouragements. Deb, thanks again for your powerful, spot on reminders. NMRK, NMRK...!!!

Michael, I love your intellect and wise and full of hope replies also (big smile)...Sooo WONDERFUL to "listen" to you.  Thanks for being you :) 

:) Same to U too Sis. With endless gratitude


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