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hey dan..where is it..?
It's right there... ;-d 'Read Pres. Ikeda's guidance'

see? (hee hee hee...I'm being playful and serious at the same time)

hoping to go viral with it....
Yes, Dan. Where is it? It's a blank space here. This is what happened to a few members who posted their discussion but it turns up blank on the site like yours here. This is like the story of "The Emperor Who Wore No Clothes" or something like that. LOLS!!!
gads, you guys don't get it. ;-D
Just injecting a bit of humor folks...
Hi Dan,
I found it here;

Pres. Ikeda's Encouragement

Those who have experienced great suffering must win in life and become happy. If you're always losing and miserable, then you are not practicing the Daishonin's Buddhism correctly. You are not following the true path in life. Buddhism teaches the means by which the sad can become happy and the happy become happier still. That is the reason for our practice.

"For Today & Tomorrow"
Thank you so much Dan and Frankie !

There are not miracles. Everything depends on the enthusiasm of our practice, the depth of our faith.
i'm glad you posted this.
hehehe :) Creative & intuitive!
Hi Dan,
It's right here.

President Ikeda's Daily Encouragement September 17, 2008

Buddhism teaches, through the example of Bodhisattva Never Disparaging, to never look down on anyone. This is the essence of Buddhism. Nichiren Daishonin states that the "ultimate transmission" of Buddhism is to accord friends and fellow believers who are striving for kosen-rufu the same respect and reverence one would a Buddha.

Genuine communication and understanding are formed through personal contact and dialogue. People will place their trust in those whose words are genuine and relevant, and be inspired to work together with those individuals, confident that in doing so they will be able to realize peace and build a better, happier world.


Even a word or a phrase of the correct teaching will enable one to gain the way, if it suits the time and the capacity of the people. But though one studies a thousand sutras and ten thousand treatises, one will not attain Buddhahood if these teachings are unsuitable for the time and the people's capacity.

(WND , 302 ) - Letter to Sado
Written to Toki Jonin on March 20, 1272


Life can unfold unlimitedly as long as we have a heart of appreciation and an undefeated mind. Based on the Buddhist perspective of the eternity of life, we volunteered to be born in our current life-condition and chose to encounter the problems we have. If you can take this perspective, you should be able to overcome any difficulty with joy.

A nurse who has cared for many terminal patients has observed, "Ultimately, people only die as they have lived." To die happily is therefore extremely difficult. And since death is the final settlement of accounts for one's life, it is when our true self comes to the fore. We practice faith to live happily and also to die happily. One who has faith in the Mystic Law will not die an unhappy death.

Medically speaking, proper diet, sufficient exercise and sleep, and the reduction of stress are regarded as the keys to good health. All of these factors are incorporated in my four-point motto:

(1) do an invigorating gongyo;

(2) conduct your daily life in a reasonable and productive manner;

(3) be of service to others; and

(4) maintain sound eating habits.


Therefore, those who become Nichiren's disciples and lay believers should realize the profound karmic relationship they share with him and spread the Lotus Sutra as he does. Being known as a votary of the Lotus Sutra is a bitter, yet unavoidable destiny.

(WND, 994) - Letter to Jakunichi-bo
Written to Jakunichi-bo Nikke on September 16, 1279


One thing is certain: That is that the power of belief, the power of thought, will move reality in the direction of what we believe and conceive of it. If you really believe you can do something, you can. That is a fact.

HI Frankie,

when you post Sensei's guidance can you give us the source? Title of the book, newspaper etc... and page number, When I see Sensei's guidance posted sometimes I go back and find the encouragement so that I can really study it. It would be great to have the source.


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