This website as opposed to social networking - we need to reach out to each other

As someone new to SGI Buddhism(.NET) I can't help but sign in and almost hear the tune to The Specials hit 'Ghost Town'. Am I the only person to log on here and find very little in activity?

I think it's a pity (but also an opportunity for great growth) that there are a lot of old discussions and rarely looked at advice yet Facebook and the like are a major buzz of human activity. People are keen to share with the world what they had for breakfast, how drunk they got last week, the cutest pic of a Pug dog they found after squandering five precious golden hours just aimlessly trawling the net. As SGI NET members can we not spend a little more of our internet time sharing our lives and human revolutions with each other? Keeping each other strong and motivating us in our faith and personal struggles?

I'm sure Nichiren would give his blessing to us all doing our own little contributions to this website to strenghthen all our paths and devotion to the Lotus Sutra.

I invite you all to join in and begin with your own heartfelt comments. 

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totally agree! i just started and found some great groups on fb,you should look them up as a few are very active and helpful for us beginners.

I am not online a lot especially here.  I can't promise much on my part but I promised to keep an eye on this site simply to have a safer environment online like this site and will continue to do so when necessary. There are other moderators like me, so feel free to contact them for input.  Thank you btw.

Beautifully written! I could use some more people to be moderators.


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