Turning Karma into Mission: January 2011 Zadankai


Good morning to all my friends. Over the last three-and-a-half years I have been sharing with you how my life has changed since I started this practice. On this wonderful journey of faith, I have learned many nitty-gritty’s of life, and also learned how to face the different situations. When I joined this practice, I was in very bad shape – physically, mentally and financially. My circumstances have also brought me close to some dynamic bsg leaders whose guidance has been the foundation of my faith, practice and study. 

One guidance that got drilled into my mind is [I quote] “We must challenge those things that we do not believe we can achieve. If we never challenge the impossible, we can never, ever, know the full power of the Gohonzon.” [Unquote]

Another leader encouraged me, saying [I quote], “When we pray, the Gohonzon hears more than we say and answers more than we ever ask; gives us more than we can imagine, BUT in its own time and way.” [Unquote.]

Several pieces of guidance by Ikeda Sensei made me reflect on my life. One struck a particularly deep chord: [I quote] "Happiness is not something that someone else, like a lover, can give to us. We have to achieve it for ourselves. And the only way to do so is by developing our character and capacity as human beings, by fully maximizing our potential ... What is important now is to work hard at developing yourselves into truly wonderful human beings.” [unquote]

I believed and trusted each and every word of guidance and continued as much as possible to do gongyo, study and involve myself in BSG activities as a district leader.

Recently I was flying back from Mumbai. Sitting at the window, sailing over the clouds, I thought about how this practice has removed all the clouds from my life, and in how many ways I have received the protection of the Mystic Law. Three years ago, I did not have even ten rupees in my pocket to travel by bus for job interviews. Today I can afford to fly. I was looking for a job of a few thousand rupees, but here I was, sitting comfortably in a Boeing A-320, having been offered a cosy job with a financial giant. Earlier, I even a minor illness disturbed me, but today I have the strength, courage and wisdom to face and fight even cancer. How did all this happen? How did I overcome and expiate my negative karma?

My cancer was detected in June 2010 when I was already in the doldrums in my career. I was told to chant as much as possible so I set a target of doing one million daimoku by 18 November 2010. I completed a million daimoku exactly on 18th November, and am now on to my second million. My seniors in faith also told me to read Gosho along with Sensei’s lectures. With absolute trust, I followed their guidance in word and spirit.

As a result of my regular and daily study, the clouds of fundamental darkness began to disappear – that means, I began to believe that through correct faith and practice, I myself can manifest the power of the Buddha in my life.

I started looking for better opportunities and praying for major breakthrough in my life. On 16th of January, the day the World Peace Monument, with Sensei’s calligraphy inscribed on it, was being unveiled at Soka Bodhi Tree Garden, I inked a memorandum of understanding as a consultant for a Rs 35,000-crore project where my remuneration will be in many multiples of my present salary. What an achievement for me and my seniors in faith who encouraged me to chant to make the impossible, possible.

My seniors in faith gave me the example of Ikeda Sensei, whose doctors said he not would live beyond 30 years of age. Today, he is 83. I too could challenge my life span by changing my karma into mission – that means, I have taken it on myself to prove the power of the Mystic Law to everyone around me by overcoming my health and financial karma. Following guidance, I started doing home-visits, studying with members and doing shakubuku.

I read in The Human Revolution that Toda Sensei promised himself never to miss doing gongyo and praying for the spread of the great Law and the fulfilment of kosen-rufu. I took my cue from him. I never miss gongyo, come what may, not even when I am seriously ill.

Buddhist study along with daily gongyo twice a day helped me give up my bad habits of 30 years of drinking and smoking, and helped me fight to eradicate cancer from my body. Study and prayer also cleaned my mind of all the clutter of negative thoughts and fundamental darkness. I learned from my study that health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, and faithfulness the best relationship. Today, I share with you my determination that by 3rd May this year, I will complete my second million daimoku and be free of cancer.

In my life, I've taken hundreds of wrong decisions, had thousands of failures and made countless stupid mistakes, but given the chance to change my life, I would still prefer to have done the same things. Looking back on my life, I am deeply grateful for all my suffering and foolishness, as they brought me to the Gohonzon, taught me to fight, and defined who I was and what I am today. The training I have received in Men's Division has forged me into a confident man with a solid sense of self and a deep awakening of what it means to be truly happy.

A few days ago I was awarded the Shastri Puraskar for my contribution in the field of media, unorganised labour and social service among street girl children and women. The only words I have are “Thank you, Gohonzon” and “Thank you very much, my comrades in faith.”



Today, I bow my head in reverence to Nichiren Daishonin and the three Presidents of the Soka Gakkai, whose philosophy has brought us all together here. Because my karmic challenges are so intense, I am constantly aware of my Vow, my mission.

I will push myself to open the heavy doors of karma and bring new light into my life.

I will reach deep inside myself to transform my fundamental darkness into a source of happiness.

I will move forward to total victory. Right here! Right now!

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo forever.


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Mr.Dhruv Munshi, you are more than a pillar of inspiration.  Thanks for all you do and for these words of encouragement and wisdom.  Best always to you and yours....

Thanx Bob for your encouraging words.
Thank you very much for your experience!Your mission ,your courage,your prayers!Thank you for being ACTUAL PROOF!
I very appreciate from my heart your DETERMINATION TO WIN!
Wisdom emerges trought prayer.Victory emerges through wisdom' Daisaku Ikeda

Just as Bod Mann said, you indeed more than a pillar of inspiration to us. Not only you had inspire me, I am going to share with my members in my area.


Congratulation on your 80th Anniversary Soka Gakai Founding. Let advance with victory again towards 100th Anniversary Soka Gakkai Founding year 2030


Thanks for sharing with warm regards

Thanx Roger.


I am SOOOO happy for you!

Please keep showing your actual proof.  Thank you So much!


Hi Aiko, How are You. Ya. The journey is long but cant afford to let the guard down. I will win, come what may.

Thank you for sharing your experience.  Congratulations on your victory!  Is there a certain prayer which you used which helped you to break through the health karma?  I am thinking of some other members whom I'm chanting for right now.


Please let me know.  It is so wonderful that you have this amazing actual proof in your life to inspire so many others.


Fantastic! No other words, you are an inspiration to me, pure and simple!
Wonderfully inspiring, thank you.


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