Hi My Gakkai Family,
I know it has been awhile, and as you all know, I am here in London studying for my Masters Degree. A lot of positive things are transpiring, within me. Chanting a lot, doing shakubuku, going deep within cleaning really cleaning all this negative stuff, and as we all know when your practice is strong, the devil of the sixth heaven always rears his ugly head. I posted a note on my page earlier this month in how my daughter is back in the states to go visit her father, well a turn of events have transpired, and I have to respect the fact that she wants to stay there, and am actually doing really well with that.
I have been chanting fiercely for her protection and for me to change this negativity I have with her father. A lot has happened through the course of the years, and I know NOW is when it needs to be changed. Well now, for the reason for the daimoku. My ex, who has never really been a part of my child's life, is now suing me for sole custody. I have, he has coerced her into believing that it is only for the school year, and she can come back at any time. She is almost 14 years old, and in the state of Texas, she does have the right to chose which parent she wants to live with. I have asked her, and told her that mommy will not be angry, and if she wants to stay permanently with him then I will have to respect that. I received a call from my attorney, and received the documents and it specifically says SOLE CUSTODY. I called him and asked him why, and it boils down to MONEY! When I left the marriage, it was due to his numerous affairs. I chanted for me and my daughters happiness for a long time, and for the members in Killeen, Texas they know, I struggled financially, emotionally, physically, and wanted nothing more than my family to be happy. I knew the day he destroyed my Gohonzon that my marriage was over. I am here in London, and don't have money to continue paying for my attorney, nor do I have the money to keep going back to the US for court. I cannot stop my studies, for if I do...I have nothing to go back to, and then I know for sure I would lose my daughter. For those who know me, really, know that I am a good mom, and fought so hard for her to get here to London with me, after close to 5 months of me being here, she finally was able to come, that was our first time ever being separated, and that was due to her father not signing the paperwork for her passport.
I have been chanting with the solid determination to end this negative relationship with my daughters father NOW.....It is time for us to stop fighting and for us to move forward, and be good loving parents for her....separately. I am determined to win! And know in my heart that I will win, but support from my fellow gakkai members is appreciated.
Thank you, so much for the daimoku in advance. I am really trying to stay positive and doing lots of shakubuku.

Love to you all.


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Hi Lisa,

Thanks for sharing with us. Now I know that am not alone...and not the only one who had gone thru relationship problem especially when we are a practitioner.

Love, Bavani
Hi Coulette,

I will definitely chant an earnest daimoku for you and your daughter. I truly understand what you are going thru. Our both experiences are quite similar. But my daughter is 4 years old and I also went thru the same challenges and a horrible fear of loosing my girl. Right now I took an interim injunction to protect her as she’s still a very young child and need lots of love. I understand how mothers feeling towards their children. I will chant for your daughter’s protection and absolute happiness. Be frank I can’t stand to see why mothers like us have to thru this. But with a strong determination to win lets keep moving forward. I take this opportunity to share sensei’s guidance :

As the Daishonin states,
“You [were destined to] meet with this affair,”
Now is the crucial moment! Let’s fully manifest our strength
And win the crown of victory.

Cheers, Bavani
Thank you so much for this wonderful encouragement. Love to you all
have faith in the gohonjon
Dear Coulette,

I will sertainly chant for your cause. In my oppinion a child should be raised with the protection of the Gohonzon right beside it. Where is a child more save for the Devil of 6th Heaven? With the parent who has a Gohonzon!
May I suggest to you to inform Ikeda Sensei of this with the utmost urgency. Also go to Taplow Court and seek guidance from one of the country responcibles there. I know that within SGI there are also attorneys. In each SGI country there are attorneys who are members. Use the SGI network to find such a member who can help you.
Can you tell me when this hearing will appear in court? Then I will extra daimoku to you. I'll e a Keibi/Gajokai at the European Study Center in Trets from September 26th till October 3rd 2009. I can do extra daimoku there also for you.
André de Wit
SGI District Eindhoven 3
the Netherlands
I am a US citizen therefore the attorneys here in the UK could not help me. I am doing my own research, and although I have an attorney he seems to find this not to be any urgency, for he knows I have no money. I am chanting that somehow someway, I can send a letter to the judge, and for the wisdom to beat him at his own game. As well for me to respect his life as he is a buddha. This has been going on far too long, and the other things that he swindled from me were materialistic. This is my child. I was told to chant to appreciate and see is life as a buddha, which is not easy, but it is also changing poison into medicine, for I do not want to fight with him, I want us both to enjoy our daughter, and be able to admire one another for just that...separately. But I do know, one thing is I WILL WIN!!!! in all aspects. Smita Shri was right have faith in the Gohonzon!!! It clicked last night that although in our minds we know the power of the Gohonzon, when faced with obstacles such as this, our hearts have not caught up, My heart has now caught up..I can do this....I will do this...I am doing this....I am reading everyone's response, and so grateful for all yall's support.
Hi Coulette, I will certainly send Daimoku to both you and your daughter. That is what your post is about.

But let me go off subject. I hope you dont mind? But how someone could tell you to chant to see your ex's life as that of a Buddha is beyond my comprehension. In Buddhism we have good friends and evil friends. Icchantika are about as bad as they get. They have pretty much destroyed their seeds of Buddhahood. The background text to Letter to the Brothers has this to say:

"Letter to the Brothers mentions three ways in which obstacles should be viewed in the light of Buddhism: (1) as an opportunity to use strong faith to purge oneself of bad karma from the past; (2) as an instance of evil friends attempting to obstruct one’s practice; and (3) as an example of the negative function of the devil king of the sixth heaven possessing one’s parents or others in order to destroy one’s faith."

This person has already destroyed your Gohonzon at one time. Now he is going after that which you hold so dear. I can see why it's not easy for you to see his life as a Buddha. Why, because it's not....

I would like to say more but its just not my place. Our prayers will be with you. Take care....
Wow, thanks so much for this enlightenment. Thanks for your prayers they are much appreciated.
Interesting as Bodhisattva Never Disparaging saw the Buddha in everyone whether good friends or evil friends...

May not be easy to see the Buddha nature in our enemies and detractors, yet they have one nevertheless.

A person might destroy a paper/fabric Gohonzon- but the most important Gohonzon- the one that resides within our lives ALWAYS remains. The one in the Butsudan represents our life, is to be treasured but it serves as a mirror of the one within our lives- that is the one I treasure the most.

I personally have done more human revolution in my relationship with "evil friends" than with the so-called good ones. It is those so called evil friends that mirror my fundamental darkness and have taught me the most about myself.
Yes, indeed I have had to do a lot of reflection in my times dealing with my ex. A good friend pointed something out to me last night, in how now is the time to see the side of me, through him and challenge that side to awaken. For so long I have not looked at this side of my life some reason, I know it is there but somehow because I always am trying to find the goodness have turned the cheek to the anger, stupidity, and manipulation, always thinking this is not me.....But now am realizing there is good is a positive side to this madness, and determined to pull it out of my soul!!! His weaknesses I need to master and use that as my tool not to be ugly but to eradicate this ugliness once and for all! Gain myself with the wisdom and knowledge to beat him at his own game! Thanks everyone, again.


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