I noticed some leaders/members make prayers like:


"so and so MUST RECEIVE the Gohonzon by <insert impossible dateline here>"


I noted the good intentions of the prayer but most importantly, shouldn't we chant for the person's happiness?


Prayers and actions go hand in hand. 


With such a determined prayer, are we prepared to make the kind of actions required for it to succeed as well?

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Couple of reasons as I see it:

a) that person himself/herself really wants to enshrine but is unable to (Ahhemmm..this should ring a bell! ;D )

b) its true that the physical Gohonzon helps bringforth the Buddhahood from within. (everything is a response to our environment and vice versa)

c) it unleashes enormous potential

d) chanting to have the Ghonzon is never detached from praying for the person's happiness. In fact it goes a step ahead in wishing for a person's Eternal happiness, victory and successful life .

I've learned in other places to not "should" on myself. When I hear the word should- more about control than helping.

I have also learned that staying in my own lane also very important. I focus more on my own human revolution and less judging on the actions of others. Keeps life far more simple for me....

Two Gosho I return to over and over- "Unseen Virtue and Visible Reward" and the "Eight Winds"- had to revisit both today after an energetic conversation with two of my senior leaders:)
Thanks Mimi. :)

Noted on the "focusing on one's own human revolution and less judging on the actions of others" part.

However, I tend to get affected when such prayers are imposed on me by other leaders, in order to work for the happiness of others in the shortest possible time (aka to SAVE others from sufferings).

As far as prayers are concerned, for me, I believe it's to each its own.

I have the impression that the act of Receiving the Gohonzon cannot be rushed.
Things can be imposed upon you only if you let it....
I think maybe you should ask that person why they make such a prayer. All you're seeing is a glimpse of their life or their thoughts on paper.

As you yourself know, when you sponsor anyone in this practice, you are also creating a lifetime commitment to that person (or life-to-life) in that both your past, present, and future are now inexplicably connected. Whether you maintain or are able to keep up relations will depend on the quality of your interactions with that person and how much your intent and regard for that person or for their happiness is will depend upon you. IF you're terribly superficial or not as committed to the relationship, well then that's what you'll get. It's simply superficial. Simply based on cause & effect. You've set a goal of getting a person a gohonzon but that's not the whole equation or the overriding principle of what the goal is for --- to develop your own humanity but also your impact upon that other person whom you've sponsored.
It's the mentor-disciple relationship in another form, with you 'mentoring' a new member into the practice. Look at the relationship between Makiguchi to Toda, then to Toda to Daisaku Ikeda. Then shakubuku becomes that more important as your very life becomes intertwined with each other from 7 generations back and 7 generations forward. best, -Dan
Thanks Dan. I do feel shakubuku is really not about hitting the numbers.
It's about sincere follow ups.
Being a personal friend to those you have shakubuku and constantly be there for them.
in the USA before this century started there were thousands of Gohonzons given and ten or so years later, the actual membership that was locatable was no where near the Gohonzons received. We were taken to task by the leadership in Japan for being so sloppy with our concern for people's lives.


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