Gosho Written to Women


All information from the ‘Background’ sections of each Gosho, Writings of Nichiren Daishonin.


  1. “The Recitation of the ‘Expedient Means’ and ‘Life Span’ Chapters”: pg. 68

Written to the wife of Hiki Daigaku Saburo Yoshimoto, a dedicated follower of the Daishonin.


  1. “The Essence of the ‘Medicine King’ Chapter”: pg. 91

Name of recipient is unknown, but thought to be a woman because of the subject matter – the attainment of Buddhahood by women.


  1. “The Daimoku of the Lotus Sutra”: pg. 141

Written to another unnamed female believer, thought to be a woman of advanced years who lived in Amatsu, in Awa Province.


  1. “Easy Delivery of a Fortune Child”: pg. 186

Written to the disciple Nichigen-nyo, who not only received a Gosho but also a “protective agent” made by the Daishonin. He also later named the child Tsukimaro, Full Moon.


  1. “Birth of Tsukimaro”: pg. 188

Also to Nichigen-nyo.


  1. “Reply to Kyo”: pg. 412

Kyo’o is the second child of Nichigen-nyo, who had become ill.


  1. “Letter to the Sage Nichimyo”: pg. 321

To Nichimyo, a single parent who had undertaken a strenuous journey with her baby daughter in order to visit the Daishonin.


  1. “On Offering Prayers to the Mandala of the Mystic Law”: pg. 414

Not known for certain, but thought to be addressed to the lay nun Sennichi, who would receive several Gosho.


  1. “Hell is the Land of Tranquil Light”: pg. 456

Written to Ueno, an especially devoted follower who had raised 9 children.


  1. “The Unity of Husband and Wife”: pg. 463

Also written to Nichigen-nyo.


  1. “Reply to Niiama”: pg. 466

Response to a letter from Niima and her older relative Oama, both lay nuns.


  1. “The Offering of an Unlined Robe”: pg. 533

Written to “the lady of Sajiki”, a woman reputed to be married to Saemon Sukenbu, a relative of Nissho, one of the senior 6 disciples.


  1. “Winter Always Turns Into Spring”: pg. 535

To the lay nun Myoichi, an educated woman whose husband had died.


  1. “Letter to the Lay Nun of Ko”: pg. 595

To the lay nun and lay priest of Ko, known for being devout followers.


  1. “The Supremacy of the Law”: pg. 612

Addressed to Oto, daughter of the Sage Nichimyo, although obviously meant for her mother.


  1. “On Upholding Faith in the Gohonzon”: pg. 624

Written to the lay nun Myoshin, one of the faithful fortunate enough to receive the Gohonzon directly from the Daishonin.


  1. “The Embankments of Faith”: pg. 625

Another written to the lay nun Sennichi, in response to a question regarding slander of the correct teachings.


  1. “The Bow and Arrow”: pg. 656

Written to the lay nun Toki, who was ill and exhausted after her mother-in-law’s death.


  1. “Letter to Konichi-bo”: pg. 659

Konichi-bo converted after her son had done so, and faithfully sent robes and made offerings while the Daishonin was exiled at Sado.


  1. “The Actions of the Votary of the Lotus Sutra”: pg. 763

Also to Konichi-bo; one of the longest Gosho written to a woman.


  1. “On Offerings For Deceased Ancestors”: pg. 817

For the grandmother of Jibu-bo, in response to offerings she had made in a traditional yearly service for the deceased.


  1. “The Real Aspect of the Gohonzon”: pg. 831

Written to Nichinyo, an educated follower also devoted enough to receive a Gohonzon.


  1. “How Those Initially Aspiring to the Way Can Attain Buddhahood Through the Lotus Sutra”: pg. 872

Written to the lay nun Myoho, another strong & faithful female follower.


  1. “An Outline of ‘The Entrustment’ and Other Chapters”: pg. 911

Gosho written to Nichinyo.


  1. “The One Essential Phrase”: pg. 922

The power of daimoku explained to Myoho.


  1. “The Sutra of True Requital”: pg. 928

Written to the lay nun Sennichi.


  1. “The Good Medicine For All Ills”: pg. 937

Reply to Myoshin, reputed to be the aunt of Nikko Shonin.


  1. “The Drum at the Gate of Thunder”: pg. 948

Another Gosho written to Sennichi, who is praised within for her unshakeable faith.


  1. “On Prolonging One’s Life Span”: pg. 954

Letter to the lay nun Toki, who renamed herself Myojo, ‘Wonderful Eternity’.


  1. “The One-Eyed Turtle and the Floating Log”: pg. 957

Written to “the wife of the late Matsuno”. She served the Daishonin faithfully despite never having met him.


  1. “Reply to the Wife of Matsuno”: pg. 981

Another Gosho in praise of offerings from the wife of Matsuno.


  1. “Letter to the Lay Priest Nakaoki”: pg. 1005

Actually not written to Nakaoki but to his wife, although Nakaoki was also a follower and lay priest.


  1. “The Meaning of Faith”: pg. 1036

Reply to Myoichi.


  1. “The Treasure of a Filial Child”: pg. 1041

Reply to Sennichi, who had sent her son to Minobu to make offerings to the Daishonin after her husband’s death.


  1. “The Doctrine of Attaining Buddhahood in One’s Present Form”: pg. 1052

Written to Myoichi-nyo, about whom little is known.


  1. “White Horses and White Swans”: pg. 1061

Reply to “the lady of Utsubusa”, an affluent follower who had sent a large sum of money.


  1. “Reply to the Mother of Ueno”: pg. 1072

Here the Daishonin encourages “the mother of Ueno” after her youngest son, Shichiro Goro, had died.


  1. “Reply to the Lay Nun Nichigon”: pg. 1079

Short Gosho written to Nichigon.


  1. “Great Bodhisattva Hachiman”: pg. 1080

Written to Nichigen-nyo, wife of Shijo Kingo.


  1. “Reply to Onichi-nyo”: pg. 1089

Onichi-nyo is thought to be somehow related to Nissho, one of the Daishonin’s senior disciples, who herself made many offerings.


  1. “The Gift of Clear Sake”: pg. 1091

Another reply to Ueno.


  1. “Wu-Lung and I-Ling”: pg. 1099

Written to Ueno.


  1. “Roots of Good Fortune”: pg. 1103

Written to the lay nun of Kubo, who was raising her daughter alone yet made frequent offerings to the Daishonin.


  1. “Reply to the Lay Nun Myoho”: pg. 1105

This Myoho lived in Okamiya. She also lived alone, yet remained steadfast in her practice, which was disapproved of by her family (the probable cause of her living alone).


  1. “New Year’s Gosho”: pg. 1137

Classic Gosho addressed to “the wife of Omosu”.


  1. “Letter to Jakunichi-bo”: pg. 993

Written to both Jakunichi-bo, a male follower, and a female follower from Kazusa Province

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