Whenever we find ourselves in a deadlock, we need to challenge ourselves to offer sincere prayer and summon forth great power of faith to resolve the situation. According to President Toda, this is what "casting off the transient and revealing the true" means for us. Faith means to struggle against deadlock. Faith is a struggle between the devil and the Buddha. In Buddhism, victory or defeat is the prime concern.

Every morning we start out from the prime point of life. Every morning the sun of kuon ganjo rises in our hearts.


"Morning after morning we rise with the Buddha, evening after evening with the Buddha we rest. Moment by moment we attain the Way, moment by moment we reveal the true" (Gosho Zenshu, p. 737).


He says, "moment by moment we reveal the true." When we exert ourselves in chanting daimoku and carrying out activities for kosen-rufu, our true self --- the Buddha of limitless joy --- appears in our lives; our wisdom is activated; courage wells forth; and we can enjoy a state of life of total freedom. This is what "casting off the transient and revealing the true" means for us.


In the "Ongi Kuden" (Record of the Orally Transmitted Teachings), the Daishonin explains the implicit meaning of the passage, "it has been immeasurable, boundless...kalpas since I in fact attained Buddhahood," as follows: "The passage is thus saying that the Buddhahood that 'I in fact attained' is immeasurable and boundless in both the past and the future" (Gosho Zenshu, p. 753).


When through faith we realize, "Fundamentally, I am a Buddha," our true self in the present moment, which contains our life over both the eternal past and the eternal future, becomes manifest. Then, the Daishonin teaches, we can freely engage ourselves on the great stage of eternal life. The "Life Span" chapter reveals the cosmic life force we each originally possess.

Text take from President Ikeda Lecture on How To Manifest the Life of 'Kuon Ganjo


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