I would like more information about the BRG Meeting Format etc. that is utilized. Could someone please post it here or something?




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Hi Budog,
The format of our BRG mtg. goes something like this:
1 - Gongyo & Daimoku
2 - Reading of our guidlines and purpose ******** see attached.
3 - Introduction of all participants.
4 - Open sharing ( I usually prepare a topic to use if required )
5 - Study Material (optional).

These mtgs are not like traditional SGI mtgs in any way. The dialogue is usually, frank, honest and often colorful. The mtgs are open but it is made very clear at the onset of the mtg. that absolute anonimity is required with regards to the content and participants involved. Addiction is a topic that has not been deeply addressed in the majority of the SGI-USA organization and as a result there appears to be a general lack of understanding to the degree of difficulty addicts and alcoholics experience in challanging this karma.

Attached is the Riverside Region BRG Focus and Purpose I drafted when I began the BRG here. This is read after Gongyo and before the discussion mtg. begins. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

best regards,
Thanks, I appreciate that. I will have to open the document at home after work. I only have Adobe here and cannot install any other programs on this computer...
Here ya go.....


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