What passages in the WND do people find helpful? Or perhaps in writings of President Ikeda? Anything that is directly related to recovery?

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Hi . I just read your post. I have  become a facilitator for an SGI Lotus Group. While I hear what you are saying about AA, I think for me, my experience let me really see the differences and learn to find some common ground. When I first got sober, even though I chanted for hours, I needed a daily place to go with sober people. My district wasn't it!!! That was common ground. AA is very Christian and I became the only sober Buddhist in a sea of people giving it up to God. Still, I knew this was my mission. I found a hospital meeting that was not officially AA and began to Shakubuku. I became a counselor. I also attended as many SGI functions as possible and saw a huge need for an SGI Recovery -type group. Our local Lotus Group had faded away. Now I am the facilitator. My time in AA has been a learning experience to say the least. It's great dialogue for sure and I've remained sober. While I believe with all my heart that this practice is the key to my sobriety and happiness, I am willing to listen to how others stay sober. Most importantly, I am Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Thanks, Kari
Thank you Kari. If you have any information about study material for recovery, please let me know, or what you do in your groups. I think it is time to take this to a national scale.

Hi Matthew! I went to FNCC and had some great guidance from National leaders. While there were many lotus Groups around- a decade or so ago, they have faded away. We now have two in Seattle and I heard LA is strong. I will say this, from the time I started talking about it at FNCC, I was never alone the rest of the time. So many people are suffering from addiction-either themselves or family members. To make a long story short, I wrote to Sensei and within a few months I was told I was the person to facilitate the group for my area/region. Here is the mission statement:

The mission of the Lotus Group is to provide support for SGI members and friends struggling with any type of addiction and/or mental health related issues. The addictive process obscures our Buddha nature. The function of this group is to encourage people in overcoming their addiction/mental health issues so they can attain enlightenment.

The Lotus Group provides a confidential environment where people are supported and encouraged to develop themselves through faith, practice and study. The Lotus Group encourages taking personal responsibility for recovery, winning over obstacles, and improving the quality of life on a daily basis.

Through the Lotus Group, participants gain new insight into the value of life and awaken to their own unique qualities. The Lotus Group is a place where people are encouraged to transform their lives while bringing out their highest potential as human beings.  The Lotus Group supports people in creating their own bright futures by realizing the treasures of their lives right now. - This is a start, Matthew. Hope it helps. email me for a sample agenda and other material! karileacarlile@comcast.net   Yes! It should be national!!!!! Good to meet you, friend!-Kari

I find that using the AA traditions keep me focused on my SGI activities (the primary purpose of our group is UNITY) and SGI stresses unity for success. My SGI principles of respect, compassion and understanding have kept my activities in AA balanced as I have to remember that I am the Buddhist practitioner who is trying to show others the validity of this practice and therefore I must observe the 12th step on a daily basis..and you are so right. Having the capacity to be Wiling, Open and HONEST keeps me in check.. I speak of Nam MYOHO RENGE KYO in the meetings as others speak of GOD.. or I say, My Higher Power, GOHONZON... I am NOT ASHAMED to spread the fortune..  thank you..

Here is something in Relation to the 12 Steps and "GOD"

Nam-myoho-renge-kyo is my Higher Power

Do Nichiren Buddists Believe in GOD?

by Greg Martin-World Tribune


Did you find anything? I would love some readings if you got based on recovery and our practice!?

Frank M, the well seems dry at the moment. I have considered making it my mission to fill this need but I am still contemplating how best to fit it to other sobriety groups. 

There is a need! It would be very useful! I will chant for this mission!!!!


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