I began practicing the Mystic Law in 1967, and at that time I was kinda heavy into "light" drug use--weed, acid, meth, and reds--but all of them taught me to pay closer attention to myself in a way that I did not expect.  I found myself empowered to put them all down naturally and easily, as chanting opened up a whole new way of looking at myself.  As a consequence, when I was confronted with my first needle of heroin, I sensibly declined it and sought out a new circle of "friends."  So I guess I don't really even qualify to be posting!  A lightweight by some standards!

Recently one of my redneck neighbors gave me a couple little squares of "pumpkinbread" that was laced with some good stuff--and I got high again (meditated on death)--but in the end the experience merely reconfirmed all that I have learned from this practice, and I once again felt, as Chang-An of China taught, "All rivers flow to the sea."  It was for me a new way of awakening to the truth  that absolutely nothing supercedes the Mystic Law. I even chanted to come down!  It is my firm conviction that anyone who sincerely embraces it will summon forth the great  power within themselves to naturally overcome any addiction to anything outside of themselves.  We merely seek the genuine happiness that comes from honestly looking at ourselves fearlessly, and challenging our own demons constantly.  Our demons without exception are our weaknesses, and our inability to really trust each other.  But now I find that it is possible to trust implicitly in The Law and hold everything else at arm's length, pending verification by the Universe itself.  The practice of the Mystic Law is, indeed, the "greatest of all joys."  See for yourself! Been practicing 42 years, much  yet to learn and grow from.  There are no limits. To yourself.

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Pumpkin Bread huh? Wow, very generous neighbors. So nice to hear from my old friend Wiley Bad - A legend in the So. Cal Kosen-Rufu movement.


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