I've been sober for 5 years and have been able to do so by utilizing AA and SGI. My Buddhist practice has taught me to listen for the good in others and to keep moving forward in human revolution. Is it always easy? No! I've overcome signifigant obstacles such as divorce and family illness and have not had to relapse. In early sobriety I took on what ever service position I could and started attending all the SGI meetings I could. People weren't using substances in these meetings either! I began to learn about Ichinen and read anything from Linda Johnson. I began to always start and end the day with Gongyo- like two bookends. I have four daughters who needed lots of attention as well. I chanted with determination that life would get easier. What happened was I learned how to balance everything, including myself. I don't practice alone, I take people up on chanting when invited or home visits. This was hard at first. Addiction is so isolating! I used to run out the back door when leaders came over to visit/shakubuku. Now I work with women who are SGI members and want to get sober. In doing so I am able to chant with even more determination and help others. It's hard to imagine that 5 yeras ago, my chanting was," to please help me get through this horrible life" and now it's chanting ultimately for Kosen Rufu. I used to scoff at people telling me the impossible is possible. It's true. I am a human revolution.  I changed everything and I refuse to wallow in the past. It's about moving forward in the present. I'd love to talk with folks who want to discuss sobriety and Buddhism and what works for them and what didn't work... Thanks!

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Thanks I am in recovery. Been sober for 14 years. Been a member of Sgi for 2 years. Had a difficult time fussing the two. Had a guidence about it. Think being a member of the 12 steps and a Buddhist will and is giving me a real good chance to help peole and myself like never before. Initially I thought the two clashed I've come to find they work well together.



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