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Buddhist Recovery Group

The BRG is an SGI-USA special interest group that was started in Riverside California in 2009. We have monthly meetings at the SGI-USA Riverside Community Center that focus on recovery, addiction and the application of Nichiren Buddhism.

Location: Riverside, California
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Does Anyone Have Nichiren Buddhism Study Material for Recovery?

Started by Matthew David Leichter. Last reply by Kanani Dec 2, 2013. 8 Replies

What passages in the WND do people find helpful? Or perhaps in writings of President Ikeda? Anything that is directly related to recovery?

Recovery and SGI

Started by Kari Carlile. Last reply by Frank M Jun 7, 2013. 2 Replies

I've been sober for 5 years and have been able to do so by utilizing AA and SGI. My Buddhist practice has taught me to listen for the good in others and to keep moving forward in human revolution. Is…Continue

Counselors: A source of Hope (from SGI Quarterly)

Started by Dan. Last reply by Marga Apr 15, 2012. 1 Reply

Subject: A series in which SGI members discuss their approach to theirprofession Counselors: A Source of Hope…Continue

Recovery from a Buddhist Perspective. The 12-Steps of Liberation

Started by Roger Thompson. Last reply by Matthew David Leichter Oct 4, 2011. 8 Replies

1. The truth of suffering - We experience the truth of our addictions, our lives were unmanagable suffering. 2. The truth of the origin of suffering - We admit that we craved for and grasped onto…Continue

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Comment by Kari Carlile on June 20, 2010 at 7:31pm
Great Post, Richard!
Comment by Richard Douglas Powell on June 20, 2010 at 6:21pm
I try once again every morning to remember and put the practice of Ho'nin-myo into my daily practice, that is to say to myself, "Today I'm starting all over again, from the top, no matter what" and I find that that ichinen is incredibly liberating, dependent only on the sincerity that I'm bringing to the table. I want to manifest Sensei's sincerity. Nothing in the universe is as strong as his sincerity, hence my own...
Comment by Steven Roberge on June 20, 2010 at 11:17am
Hey Tim, Addiction can manifest in many ways, food, sex, gambeling. Drugs and alcohol just happend to be lethal, socially destructive and often fatal so they get a little more attention. The more I try to understand my own addiction karma the more I realize it comes down to "changing my state". Feelings of love push large amounts of endorphins and dopemine thru our receptors and we feel "high" same effect as meth for me. Your broken heart can lead to addictive behaviors as you try to keep that dopemine flowing without a source. So yes - I think you qualify :)
Comment by Donovan Lauderback on June 15, 2010 at 9:10pm
Hey TVC-16 (is that like TVC-15 the Bowie tune)...
Relationships can be very addictive..so of course you are welcome here!
Comment by Tim Janakos on June 15, 2010 at 12:41am
I'm trying to recover from a broken heart, but I'm never self medicated for it. Does that count?
Comment by Roger Thompson on June 13, 2010 at 6:02pm
Darcey,thanks for the information. I found the group and like that adaptation of the 12-steps the Lotus Recovery group utilizes too...

Comment by Darcey Jane on June 13, 2010 at 5:26pm
FYI there is also a group on here called Lotus Support Group which has the 12 steps adapted for Nichiren Buddhism
Comment by Donovan Lauderback on June 13, 2010 at 9:51am
To Budog...
Wow..I am hoping to arrest my relapse at the 3 year mark. I couldn't imagine going on like this for 10 years..but alas..when we are in the grip..the years, money, people and opportunities to get loaded seem endless! The horrible part for me is when every musical instrument is in the pawn shop (now) and I am contemplating very "out there" ideas to get one more...I am fortunate to know MANY strong people in my local NA org and SGI..I have the support I need, I just need to tap into it. YOU CAN DO IT..just keep it simple. 12 steps was the only thing that ever worked for me to attain any length of recovery. I am also the "sex, drugs and rock-n-roll" guy..been in bands (mostly punk rock) since I was 13. I still love to play music..but luckily the people I play with just drink a bit (and although I know I can't personally drink and recover..alcohol hasn't been my substance of choice since the 90's). Thanks for the suggestions..I had seen those books on google. I have heard Dharma Punx is incredible for those from that scene (like me)..who got caught up. So many of us died staying true..when punk was never about getting loaded..for it was all about self-expression and not being held down by anyone.
And KAREN...WOW..That was a very inspiring post. I am so grateful to have read that today. Know that you are truly helping people near and far. I am so happy that AA has enhanced your relationship with the Gohonzon. My friend who introduced me to SGI has around 7 years clean and he told me the combination of working a strong recovery program and chanting is a POWERHOUSE. He is the happiest and most successful person I know..and he has had all the same problems and issues I have. He just chose to stick with the program when I chose to stray...
I am so glad you pointed the fact that it is impossible for me to give 100% to kosen-rufu if I am loaded.
I know that without the protection afforded by this practice I would be in deep shit. That is nothing less than miraculous. However, I need to take responsibility for my disease and recovery. Karen, your insight has helped greatly and encouraged me to take the next logical step and begin my journey of recovery. "if not now..when"..right.
When I was clean before I didn't have the Gohonzon and always felt there was still something missing in my life. Now I know with the Gohonzon in my life I can conquer this addiction (with a little help from my friends).
THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU BOTH for replying with honesty and care.
Comment by Karen Y. Hamby on June 12, 2010 at 9:40pm
Don I'm right there with you ! I've been practicing this philosophy since 10/12/1982..I am addicted to EVERYTHING thing that deters me from reality... I quit a lot of those and have overcome many issues I had. Not just internally but with my relationships with others ...some issues of which I will never overcome ...I know that what's important and that is where I lay my trust.. People will always fail you and let you down ( it's their nature to do so .) the Gohonzon will not ! once I got the concept ..I got it and Life took a whole new meaning...friends became more enduring...love became more loving , family became more important...the members became more supportive...A loner I was not anymore.I Belonged and was accepted for being me !. SGI gave me purpose which I was lacking, through the power of the Gohonzon I regained my courage, dignity and self-respect most of all my integrity .You see when I was out there using and abusing .I compromised EVERYTHING , my marriage, my family, my practice.I was an empty shell just going through the motions..I'd attend SGI meetings ..full of Spirit and zeal ..but I had a dirty little secret...I thought no one knew but everybody knew...I was an Alcoholic and a junkie It was only through the prayers and many years of Diamoku of my Senior leaders who have now pasted away that encouraged me to go to AA NA . one night after loosing everything and was living out of my car on the beach in the gulf coast , my Last relationship had ended and I was ALONE really ALONE I sat on the beach and Chanted with the whole essence of my being this can't be happiness this can't be love well I met someone who loved me Back to myself whom I greatly appreciate He introduced me to AA .I jumped aboard...I took that first step. well it's been several years now since I took that leap of faith I got in front of my Gohonzon after being up for weeks ,on coke & Meth drunk on Rum and I cried ,screamed ,ranted and Raved..yelled at the GODS..and did a ZANGE I apologized to the Gohonzon for ruining my life a sad existence...It was like no other I was pleading for mercy.at that moment I WAS STRAIGHT , MY MOMENT OF CLARITY. YES, that was the END I made a promise to the Gohonzon That I will dedicate my life to Kosen Rufu with every ounce of energy I had.til the end of my days I never gave this practice 100% NOW I give it 200 % I went to both AA meetings and my SGI meetings as well. I urge you with all my heart go to those AA meetings get you a STRONG FOUNDATION.. ALWAYS TRUST IN GOHONZON FIRST AND FOREMOST. You will win in every aspect of your life and that's REAL Life Today I'm a District Leader and try to help everyone every way I possibly can and I appreciate all the members who helped me along the way to where I am today especially my better than best friend & You know who you are (Nani) This Life is so beautiful and exuberant I wouldn't want to miss a moment of it ...Oh ! I still have issues and I still rant and rave but I know I have the key to the universe! my Gohonzon and with that I'm going to OK .Today I choose to be Happy ,Sober and Healthy MSG me I'm always there for you My Friend!
Comment by Roger Thompson on June 12, 2010 at 9:24pm
Donovan, I can relate to your situation. I had over 10 years of being clean and sober, now I have been on a 10 year relapse. When I first encountered Nichirin Buddhism and began to practice in 1983 it was through my partying Bro's and Betties... Back then it was "sex, drugs and rock n' roll"... I now have a short time of being clean and sober again but have not brought myself to be able to go a traditional 12-step meeting. Then I found a few books that have helped immensely. The first one is "The 12-Step Buddhist" by Darren Littlejohn. The second one was "Dharma Punx" by Noah Levine and the last one is "The Mindful Way through Depression" by Mark Williams, John Teasdal, Zindel Segal and John Kabat-Zinn.

I am going to start a Buddhist 12-Step Group locally. That way I can incorporate the best of both world, the 12-Steps and Buddhism...

My SGI practice is a great help too. It helps me mentally, physically and spiritually... If I am doing Gongyo or Daimoku, I am not out drinking or using. And now days, I hang out with my SGI friends in Buddhist settings and practice, it is not the party scene anymore. The wildest we get together is heading down to the espresso bar...

Studying of SGI related materials such as The Writings of Nichirin Daishonin and materials by Daisaku Ikeda help give me a different perspective when I start to get into my head...

Just some ideas, I hope there might be something that might help you.


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