2nd August,

YOU are all important emissaries of the Buddha and the Buddha’s children. You are also brave followers of the Bodhisattvas of the Earth, who were born here with the pledge to bring happiness to your country. Therefore, as long as you exert yourself to succeed in your daily life and to contribute to society based on strong faith, you will assuredly be able to realize true happiness in life, and to crown your life with eternal merit and good fortune.

THERE are cases when one wonders why merit does not reveal itself in spite of our earnest and high degree of faith. At such times, rather than suspecting that you may entertain doubt about the Gohonzon, it is better to ask yourself whether you are guilty of the four types of slander. Because a person, who is contemptuous, hating, jealous or holds grudge, will realize no benefits.

BUDDHISM is reason. Going against reason is not Buddhism. The correct path of Buddhism is to manifest one’s faith in daily life. This is because Buddhism embraces all phenomena. The purpose of your faith is to make you healthier and more refreshed than anyone and to help you live a positive and meaningful life.

TO be young is wonderful. But whether you can appreciate this is another matter. You have an infinitely great mission. But the outcome of your life will be completely different, depending on whether or not you can recognize your good fortune in having such a profound mission.

WE ourselves are the treasure towers of the Mystic Law. The place we are now, wherever it may be, is the Land of Eternally Tranquil Light that has existed for all time. Therefore, we have nothing to fear. We will never be deadlocked. We will never become unhappy.

8月 2日



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