5th August,

OF course you are perfectly free to say what must be said even to your fellows in faith and it is necessary to do so. But there is a difference between words spoken with real concern for your listener and those spoken with feelings of hatred or jealousy. It is extremely important to understand and observe this distinction.

THERE are various kinds of careers and roles which people fill in society. While each role, of course, has significance, the fundamental role that we each play as a Buddhist is that of a philosopher of life and of humanity who can impart eternal value to humankind. There are also leaders in all areas of human endeavour. We are leaders of happiness and creators of peace. In this sense, our role is unique.

SHOULD you lose your pure, innocent heart, and instead develop arrogance and ugly ambition within yourself, no matter how much you may appear devoted to faith on the surface, you will never enjoy the benefits of the Gohonzon. For this reason, I hope you will maintain a pure heart and live out your most precious existence confidently, as you strive for the sake of your country.

FAITH includes unfathomable benefits and limitless good fortune; it contains the great power of the universe, transforming even the land in which one lives. Faith is the source of infinite joy, wisdom and compassion. Each of you already possesses this supreme nourishment for life. All that you have to do is to tap its limitless power.

LIFE is a struggle. Life means continuing to struggle to the end. The person who grows stronger with each struggle is happy and a true human being.

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Frankie & Myoho Kin - This is what I wrote for introducing my Facebook "Share" for the Lost children of Buddha, still suffering in this declining global Empire of Evil:

"Faith is so essential for success in modern Buddhism because the goal is true happiness, true liberty, and truly effective, compassionate wisdom. Clearly though, Seeing the real condition of this world, the decline of the global Empire of Evil in this Age of Show Biz, blind faith is not good enough. The faith of Buddha Dharma must be grounded in open awareness, understanding, and humane realization of our inseparable oneness with all of our human family and with miraculous Life. That is the faith recommended so often by Dr. Ikeda because of his own experience of the last 70 years. He not only witnessed the horrific ways of this world, from the war-time madness and destruction of Japan to the present, he suffered from tuberculosis when he become the disciple of SGI's 2nd leader, Bodhisattwa Josei Toda. Pres. Ikeda's faith and Dharma practice cured him of tuberculosis. Such an amazing cure and recovery is rare in the world, with or without medical help, but not in the global SGI community. That is why SGI members can have faith as great as Dr. Ikeda's, Nichiren Daishonin's and Buddha's. Yet, for many of us today, it can sometimes be hard to win through our challenges, pain and hardships. That's why Sangha, Buddha's spiritual community, and great mentors are so important. That is why Shakyamuni (Siddhartha Gautama, this world's first Buddha) and the Daishonin (this world's third Buddha) both emphasized the equal importance of Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha. FYI: What "Buddha" really means is: the miraculous universal intelligence and compassionate wisdom knowledge awareness of Life and its infinite creative power, which is also its natural healing power. That is why real Buddhists do not divide humanity and divinity or believe only in doctrines of theology. Our focus is achieving ever greater awareness, understanding, and appreciation of the sacred universal reality, totality and potential of Life, within ourselves, all human beings, and all other ways of being. That is what the simple spiritual practices and humanitarian activities and efforts of SGI members foster and support. BTW, if any of the above is erroneous, it is my fault, not of my mentors' -- the leaders of SGI and other great Bodhisattwas, the awakened awakeners of our beginningless past and present."

It is from my Heart. So, I sincerely hope it seems totally worthy and encouraging. I welcome and will deeply appreciate your criticisms or suggestions. BTW, I will soon be moving to Oregon, near Eugene! So, I eagerly look forward to group practice with SGI members again.

Thanks & Blessings of ever greater Victory! NMRK, NMRK...! 

I agree with this 100%.  We need a bit of sympathy.   My Grandmother always said,  "YOU CAN CATCH MORE FLY'S WITH HONEY THAN VINEGAR". This is so true.  


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