www.AlanSmallwood.com Enjoy the World-Style instrumental music of Alan Smallwood featuring the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo in each song. Alan is a professional keyboard player and composer who has toured the world playing for Amnesty International with Lou Reed, Sting and Peter Gabriel among others. He has performed on Saturday Night Live and with numerous other well known acts.
He was listening to me chant one day and the next day he called me into his studio to hear the rough sketch for song #2. I was floored to say the least. We took it to a few different meetings and some people jumped out of their seats and started dancing saying, "this will bring people to the practice!" We never anticipated such a wonderfully positive response. Alan was concerned about the appropriateness of the music/chant combination so we sent some copies to various people at SGI-USA and got very nice positive letters back complimenting him on his work.
So far we have sold the CD to at least 15 different countries and many states in the US. We never thought of it as a means to make money... but to help spread the word. "...if one, with a joyful mind sings a song in praise of the Buddha's virtue, even if it is just one small note, then all who do these things will have attained the Buddha way." Lotus Sutra, Ch2, p27.
I hope you enjoy it!
Lynn Smallwood

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I forgot to mention that you can hear clips of all the songs on his website. Click on the red button and go to the second page. Click on the tiny arrow to the right of each song to hear the clip.
Just got yer CDs. So far, love the sounds. Will definitely pass along the other CD to a good friend of mine. She's going to love it!
Wow, you got that quickly! Enjoy!
I got my CD quickly too. I've been so busy, so I forgot to write and thank you. I finally sent you my CD and book the day before yesterday, so you should get it soon. Be sure to have your husband listen to the last podcast I did with Dr. Len Horowitz on my website or profile page. It is something he will need to revolutionize his music. Let me know if he was already familiar with this new rediscovery of the perfect circle, the original Solfeggio .
I used to listen to Len on a cassette I had years ago... great! I'll let you know what I think!
Sounds like you and my good friend Linda Christian up here in Delavan have been talking. Yeah, Linda absolutely loves your CD. She's telling her friends about it and ordering some for them I think. I gave the other copy (kept copy of it on my computer) you gave me to a good friend/member moving to LaCrosse, WI today. Who knows? She may spread word of mouth about it too with the nearby Minnesota members who practice across the river.

Last night while I was chanting, I played your husband's CD in the background and helped energize my chanting. You guys thinking about putting gongyo into music?

Thank you everyone for all of your support! Alan has over 130,000 page views of his youtube videos on Nichiren Buddhism. We have mailed out CDs all over the world...It's very encouraging to see how many people are practicing and where they hail from.

How much is this CD Lynn? Looks amazing!


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