I would love to find a pendant or pin that says Nam Myoho Renge Kyo either in English or inscribed vertically in characters. You know those Egyptian heiroglyphic necklace pendants that were popular years ago. (see the attached photo below) Something like that would be nice. I would love to get people to ask me about it... something to trigger a discussion about Nichiren Buddhism. People seem to be curious and a piece of jewelry would be a good catalyst. Any jewelry makers out there?

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So Does Commpassion & Wisdon toward's other's.... Dawn
I just totally figured out how to make one! Have you heard of Art Clay? It's like Sculpy or Fimo those little blocks of clay you bake in the oven. Well, art clay is made of pure silver and you can shape it and stamp it anyway you like then put it in a kiln and it makes jewelry. I just got a book out of the library and I'm going to give it a try...it's kind of expensive so I have to shop around ... one block, which doesn't make that much, costs about $40 someone told me... are you crafty? I've never done this before but I'm willing to try just about anything.
WE have a couple of jewelers who just joined in here.
I was going to try and make some out of the silver art clay but I am working too many hours these days to start a new project... but perhaps one of the jewelers can come up with something. There's this cool chemical sensitive plastic that you put a transparency over (of, say NMRK) and it "etches" what's on the transparency onto the plastic. You then use the plastic as an impression for the clay. It's a great idea and I saw how to do it on one of the artclay websites.
Dear Lyn
I think your lack of meeting NMRK is our karma on Long Island too (I live on Long Island) - I keep beating on people to do shakubuku here (jk - not really beating them). I have a website www.thetreasuretower.com which I am using to also let people know about the SGI as well as sell lovely items from Fair Trade vendors and individual artisans - I put a quote from Pres Ikeda up every week. I also had pocket stones made with Nam myoho renge kyo stamped on them - they are not only very popular around here, but I've even had orders from the UK AND I geshu'd the woman who took my re-order - she asked all about the chant and I told her about the SGI website. I will be at the NY Accessories Show Monday and speaking with some of the vendors I carry, I need to find someone who could make a not too expensive pendant - I would favor sterling silver. I know of a few artisans who do stamped letters on silver like the one I have attached - I bet they could do one. I find that Fimo doesn't last too long, whereas sterling, although more expensive - will last forever......I'll let you know.
Where have you seen the Sansrit characters? I wonder if I could convince Satya jewelry or Rosen Sammi (she makes Sanskrit pendants) to make them. I have never seen it in sanscrit that I know of......
I am the piece of jewelry representing NMRK. I can certainly understand the external wearing of a religious symbol, but since I am the Buddha and I bring forth NMRK in everything I do...I doubt I'd wear one. I don't think I want to be like others. I recall seeing people wear larger and larger crosses the more closed and fearful they became.

i have the lotus flower as my handphone wallpaper...it reminds me of the mystic law
Please don't request this. We do not do or promote the law of NAM MIOHO RENGE KYO that way, is inside our own live. Please ask guidance to your leaders.
As far as this matter is concerned, there should be no transactions between members either. But it looks like this site is not really keeping that into regard. Did anyone ever thought of that?
Hi Lora! :-) So good to find you here.

It is true that our guidance has been to not do business transaction with members and it is a wise directive.

As in a marriage, financial issues must be thoroughly and honestly addressed for the happiness of self and others from today, onward.

I have ruminated on this a long time and as of now, feel that sharing what I do and how to contact me about it does not mean I am necessarily soliciting. How exciting it is to get to know others and see their efforts and successes!

Based on sincere daimoku, I feel that any monies that might accrue as the result of work done for Kosen Rufu can be redirected to not only personal survival, but Kofu Fund. We must not count another's earnings but rather attend to our own actions.

None of us is immune to the pitfalls that ''doing business'' can reveal. Still, if we chant with sincere intent, reflect and determine to create value no matter what, it is surely possible to win. I have, thus far, not worked with any members for money, nor hired anyone. Still, I have a colleague that just recently told me he went to Kosen Rufu Gongyo (in French) with a friend a loved it. In the past I have always chanted with appreciation for being able to work with/for him. Should he decide to become a member I will not stop doing business with him. This is really a terrific challenge !

Chanting for the wisdom to make the right choices over here........

This topic is worthy of discussion!! Thanks for the opportunity to air some of my thoughts. Even with the best of intentions the 3 poisons, can taint our endeavors.

I have seen difficulties here when members have tried to further their personal business goals by doing transactions with other practitioners. We must always be vigilant with ourselves not to be swayed by our own greed, anger or ignorance.

Easy to say, eh? Thus far I have not had the opportunity to challenge myself in this way.

Really, any dialogue is, in fact, a transaction of sorts. Food for thought, blablabla :-)
I think that was a metaphorical way of saying not to forget the teachings. But to each is own understanding of it. This too should be material for guidance, I think.


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