I would love to find a pendant or pin that says Nam Myoho Renge Kyo either in English or inscribed vertically in characters. You know those Egyptian heiroglyphic necklace pendants that were popular years ago. (see the attached photo below) Something like that would be nice. I would love to get people to ask me about it... something to trigger a discussion about Nichiren Buddhism. People seem to be curious and a piece of jewelry would be a good catalyst. Any jewelry makers out there?

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Hi Lyn

I've just come across this site quite by chance, I was surfing for some study material. Is there any real reason why you feel the mystic law should be reduced to a piece of jewellery? Isn't your life condition shiny enough? I have great good fortune to know members who have practiced for over 50 years and never, ever have I heard such a suggestion. The law comes from within you.
Yeah, but some jewelery would be cool.
Yes, I agree that the Mystic Law comes from within but because we keep our Gohonzons closed we don't get as many opportunities to answer questions from inquiring minds as we might should they be kept open or even displayed on ourselves like a Christian would wear a cross.
I'm 50 and in all my years in NY I never heard of NB until a few years ago out here in PA. When I went back to NY to visit my Mom, I found many tosos on Long Island. If there were always so many groups out there how come I never found them much less heard of them. No one ever spoke to me of Nichiren Buddhism and I have studied Tibetan Buddhism for years. I never once saw a meeting advertised in the paper. Many people don't shakabuku as much as they could. I can certainly tell you that if I saw someone with Chinese or Japanese characters on a T-shirt or jewelry I would ask them what it said. If I had seen NMRK 30 years ago I would probably have been practicing longer. I love this practice so much I want to spread it as much as I can. I carry a pile of "what is happiness" brochures in my purse and try to give out one a day. I am sorry that more members don't make more of an effort to spread the word of NMRK and I thought that "wearing it around your neck" would spark someone's curiosity. And yes, my life condition is pretty shiny...I'm very happy, I see challenges as opportunities and I try to see the Buddha Nature in everyone I meet. Again, I would love to see some NMRK jewelry.
One day after a parade that SGI members participated in, I saw one YWD with a tattoo of the SGI lotus symbol on the back of her neck. It looked quite beautiful. She said a lot of her friends & strangers have come up to her asking about it. One way she seems to do shakubuku.

I just saw a woman with a huge lotus flower and NMRK tattoo on her lower back. Sometimes it's tough to get conversations about Buddhism started unless they ask you first. I usually don't let the lack of inquiry stop me but it would be so much easier if I had a "trigger." :)
Hi Lynn, I carry many Nam-myoho-renge-kyo cards in my pocket book, and everyone I meet I share a card with. The back of the card has a label with my name, phone number, next meeting date and time, as well as the location. Wherever I go I meet people, and I let them know that I would like to continue our acquaintance so I had them a card. Normally I hand it to them from the Nam-myoho-renge-kyo side, and many say "is this the name of your business" so that gives me a chance to tell them about NMRK. But if you really like a peace of jewelry, why not, every one has different ways to connect, and that may be yours. So good luck in your search, that type of pendant by the way is called "cartouche" I have one my ex gave me with my name on it.
http://emhotep.net/this-site/ by clicking on the link, you will find the translation of the Daimoku in hieroglyphs spell out the phrase “lw imAx I hp xt nt Dd mdw sSn,” which translates to “I revere (nam) the pervading Law (myoho) of the lotus (renge) recitation (kyo). I am sure you will find someone who can help.
Take care
Chant A LOT to be the shakabuku queen Lynn. Some people shakabuku HUNDREDS, just as they are. This could be the cause to starting your own Jewellery franchise - who knows, the msytic law is just that - mystic. By the way I love your Butsudan. Lots of love Dawn FD
Hey Lynn,

I am looking into creating a pin, necklace, etc with the words...NAM-MYOHO-RENGE-KYO on them. Don't know why I didn't think of this before, but am running with it now. You have stirred my creative juices....Thanks! They will be on my site when completed!! Just give me a few weeks to work some magic.

Lily Rose
That's so cool! reply to this post when you're done so I can see it. I just bought a book on making jewelry with that sculpy clay that comes in sterling silver. I was thinking I could carve out the characters in mirror image and see what I come up with. I can't wait to see what you make!
i make jewelry all sorts and even want to design new one's a cause from this convo ...... there are ways you can sport sgi colour's & NMHRK without making other's thinking we r recreating the gohonzon ........ I kno Lyn that this is not what u are saying or trying to do x
Hi Lily Rose,

Good luck with your creations! Please let us know when they're done!

Dear Lily, Dear Lynn, as soon as u get pins or something else to wear with NMRK on it, pls let me know.
the mystic law shld be shown, and I want to be a part of it.
take care now. Anne


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