My Poem written by me Chere~

Not this isn't falling to correct form , as it does on my PC

A rough life by Chere~ Woo Jan 9, 2016

Sometimes life is hard, and expensive, and cruel.
Sometimes,life just doesn't add up.
The guy on the corner is dealing smack,
And the guy in the yellow shack is selling newspapers,
But has no home to go to.
And, heck, there would be no one to be there anyway.

The wrinkled, laughing woman at the coffee shop has
Two dogs, and a cat at her apartment, And enough food till Tuesday.
The young boy getting off of the bus; well he is going home to his apartment.
He will do some home work, but, no one will cook for him.
Cause Mama, don't get home till 11 at night,
And there ain't no Daddy anyway or siblings to argue with.

That old man under the newspaper on the park bench,
Is just waiting to go home. His forever home.
The young girl in the gym wants to play, but her one good leg
Won't jump high enough. Prothesis don't let her jump as well.
That Mama at the kitchen table adding up the bills and making promises

On The phone, that she can't keep , cause there ain't enough money.

We live in the land of dreams. But Gosh What dreams.
We used to dream of a career we could have.
And places we would visit.
Oh and how grand our home would be.
But somehow they turned into this.........
But, Oh my how.....You aren't listening anyway.......Are you dear?

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This was written when Wally's condition to not ever go away, or get better....
Then Our lives slowly is coming around to a better place.


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