In memorie of my Deceased Mother { who wrote poetry regularly}  she said that it relived  her pains. She had many.  Bipolar, depression, Financial woes, marriage problems and all of the troubles that many have...

This is my favorite one...  I hope you like it and it inspires others as well.

The GIft.


Life  has given each of us a gift.

For some it is to lift

the spirits of our brother.

Others have the ability

to listen and soothe another.

SOme have the agility

to dance like the leaves

in the breeze.

Still some others

can sing

so sweetly it makes the eath ring,

withith sounds of joy.

There are some that lead

and others will say,

"I can only follow."

Some are weak,

so they will need to

the wonderous strength of the other.

We are each given a gift

and must use it to lift

with all our might

this world to greater heights.

For if we don't use it,

we shall surely lose it.

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