Hi Everyone! Any dream interpreters out there?

Here's an interesting article on the subject.



Love and Light,

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Hi James! I must say I did not believe in crow sightings until I was in a car accident a few hours after witnessing one that was almost suspended in air and barely hanging on to a tree branch; it stared me dead in the eye. I don't know which was worse the accident or the chill I got after receiving its whimsical stare. Either way I will never forget it to this day.

I remember having a dream almost 10 years ago of my nephew being shot continuously in the right leg until there was no more flesh. The next morning I begged him to remain at home. Later that afternoon he was chased into traffic by a group teens and was hit by a bus. His right leg was broken in multiple places and had to have pins implanted from his thigh to his ankles which looked pretty much like the bullet wounds in my dream.

Dreams, dreams, dreams I love it. There was a time where my former co-workers and I would have similiar dreams and was able to share specific details of each sequence. I think the name for this is Astral Dreams, not quite sure but it's defintely fascinating.

I can go on all day, LOL.

Any other experiences out there?
Oracle yes, that is the word for Sen May Gaku. James, have you ever heard of it. Japanese or Chinese. maybe Taoism. I never base my life on these predictions and warnings. If the Gohonzon and my practice won't protect me then what good is it? Even Nichiren said that if the gods forsake him he would never stop chanting or believing in Nam-myoho-renge-kyo.
Hi James!

Good seeing you and thanks for your response :).

About Crows....
The crow is the coat of arms on my paternal grandfather's side. He was from a lineage of farmers. this the name Tillinghast. since then I have found out that the crow's call means hurry up. Get a move on. Don't drag your feet.


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