I found a beautiful site where your assigned sun sign and chakra association meet. very interesting, enjoy!


Aries is associated with the Manipura, or solar chakra. Located right under the ribs and traditionally visualized as being yellow, the solar chakra is the center of self-confidence, power and charisma. If those qualities sound familiar to the charming Ram, it's no surprise!


Sexy Taurus is all about the Swadisthana, or sexual chakra, which has to do with sociability and, of course, sexuality. Colored orange and located just behind the pelvic bone, this chakra helps make the Bull particularly good at the fine art of seduction.


Muladhara, or the root chakra, is Gemini's special spot. Located at the perineum, near the tailbone, the root chakra is red, and is a center for physical energy, control and stability. The Twins, of course, are always seeking stability.


Cancer's chakra is the Muladhara, the root chakra. This red-colored energy center, located at the perineum, near the tailbone, is all about physical energy, control and stability -- all issues sensitive Cancer is deeply concerned with.


Leo is always one sexy sign, with their fiery spirit and go-get-it attitude. So it's no surprise to anyone who's ever loved a Leo that the Swadisthana, or sexual chakra, is the chakra the Lion is associated with. Colored orange and located just behind the pelvic bone, the Swadisthana is the center for sociability and sexuality.

Virgo's chakra is the Manipura, or solar chakra. Located right under the ribs and traditionally visualized as being yellow, the solar chakra is the center of self-confidence, power and charisma -- not too surprising for a grounded, powerful sign like Virgo.


Libra is associated with Anahata, the heart chakra. The center both for the receptivity to and the giving of love, the heart chakra is located at the center of the chest and is thought of as colored green. Balanced Libra is, naturally, deeply concerned with the processes of giving and receiving love.


Visshuda, the throat chakra, is the energy center most strongly associated with Scorpio. Responsible for intuition and contact with other worlds, this deeply mystical spot is colored blue and located at the throat. No wonder passionate Scorpio knows so much, thanks to these intuitive powers.


Sagittarius is all about Ajna, the forehead chakra, which is located, as its name suggests, at the forehead and is deep blue. Ajna, responsible for mental ability, logic, intellectual creativity and memory, helps the Archer with their amazing abilities to synthesize information and ideas.


Capricorn's association is with Ajna, the forehead chakra, located at the forehead. A deep blue, color Ajna is the spot where logic, intellectual creativity and memory are centered, and influence Capricorn's strong mental abilities.


Intuitive, other worldly Aquarius is most closely associated with Visshuda, the throat chakra. Responsible for intuition and contact with other worlds, Visshuda is colored blue and located at the throat.

Loving Pisces is most closely bound to Anahata, the heart chakra, responsible both for receptivity to love and to the giving of love. The Fish's energy center is located at the center of the chest and is colored green.


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Well, I can't argue with what's said about Scropios!! We are such wonderful people!!!!!
I have a friend who has a book called "Modern Buddhist Healing" although I can't remember the authors name. It was wriiten by an SGI member, he dedicated it to President Ikeda. It seemed like it was at first endorsed by the SGI but then it was not, unsure of the politics behind it. I don't believe it is in print. At any rate, he suggested that the sylables in Nam myoho renge kyo corresponded to the different chakras. Nam- crown, Myo-brow, ho-throat, Ren-heart, ge-solar plexis, kyo- root/base. He wrote that by emphasizing on a particular sylable when when chanting to heal an ailment you could help focus the energy on an area. I found that quite interesting. The author was a cancer survivor who chanted dillgently to overcome his disease.
Hi Maryanne, I heard this theory before during a general meeting a few months ago, but had no idea of the Chakra association. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
HI Marcy ,
In reference to the comments about the syllables of Nam Myoho Renge Kyo corresponding to the different parts of the body for healing, etc. I read an article one of the pages in this site that referred to a copy of a 1987 speech by a Vice-President of the SGI.(Maybe his name was Sjishi?) He suggested first chanting til the very marrow of your bones was resonationg and then specifically using the syllables for parts of the body.
He said that that the Myo corresponded to the head, the Ho to the throat, the Ren to the chest cavity, Ge to the lower thorax, and Kyo to the legs. I started doing it just 2 days ago and it's wonderful! I thought I saved the article, and I'm losing my mind trying to find it in my files, but anyway, that was the gist of it. Great concept!
By the way, the book "Modern Buddhist Healing" is by SGI member Charles Atkins. I don't have that one, but I ordered his "Riding the Wheel to Wellness". (I haven't read it yet, it's sitting in my bookshelf waiting for me, like a hundred other books there!)
Here is a link to an article by Charles Atkins. It tells of his 'Gakkai Experience' and the motive behind his writing the book on 'Modern Buddhist Healing'. http://www.gakkaionline.net/Experiences/MailMantra.html
I found the article I was looking for! It's by SGI Vice-President Takehisa Tsuji. A Daimokiu for Healing. The link is below.
Thank you Deborah for the wonderful references! During Tina Turner's interview with Larry King Live years ago she described it as "Chanting Nam myoho renge kyo being the sounds which gets the wheels of the Chakras turning". After her interview, I thought, this is exactly what I feel when I'm chanting.

Deborah thanks for joining the group and providing such great material :)

Peace and Light,


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