Hi Everyone! Feel free to state your sign and the reasons you believe you are true to it.

Has our practice shed light on the underpinnings of possible other rising signs? Discuss.

I am a Scorpio, who's very secretive, never forgets being slighted (working feverishly through this karma :) and quite intrigued by the occult, death and rebirth as in the mythical bird the Phoenix. Unlocking life's mysteries to dabbling in Quantum theory is what gets my mind flowing.

Through chanting daimoku, many sides of the general self will be revealed. For me I have notice traits of Libra, Aquarian & Virgo in myself; so an assigned rising sign to me null and void.

I look forward to reading your stories.


Yes its a painted on Scorpion :)

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LIBRA! Double LIBRA actually! eventhough I'm on the cusp of Scorpio. The official chart said, I don't get any Scorpio; am ALL LIBRA! So scales are up and down and up and down again. Have to chant lots of daimoku folks for clarity and focus but I love being LIBRA. I love beautiful things, the arts, culture, creativity, music.
Then Greta, you're a 'kaohinani', a collector of beautiful things. (That's my favourite Hawaiian word. Pronouced Cow-he-non-ee.)
I'm a CANCER bunny with a Taurus moon? Very emotional, seduced by romance and arty farty. Tend to get more emotional if I cant paint. If everything gets to much and I run away, I do tend to end up near the sea or water of some sort. I can be very stubborn though. Very stubborn :)
Hi Marcy: Great scorpion pic. Where did you find it?
Thanks. Nadine
Hi Nadine Happy Friday to you! Well would you believe the scorpion picture is quite old and has been on the net for quite a few years, lol. If you google "pictures of scorpions" or other signs it should be there. I will try the find the site for you as well.

Hi Nadine! Here's the site you requested:http://www.just-whatever.com/2008/03/10/zodiac-sign-body-paint/



CRAZY LEO! Which most leos are not thought of as crazy - with my Aquarius Rising and Moon in 1st house - Its a little Crazy sometimes!
Sort of like what you see is not what you get! I am much like Marcy with lots of emphasis on life's mysteries to quantum mathematical equations! Reading non-fictional information is the biggest turn-on for me! Then the leo side kicks in sometimes and I love to teach others and help them deal with their issues. The aquarius side loves to spread the word..... Looking forward to chareing (thats caring and sharing)! sunmoon13

Hello Sun Moon!!!! Welcome, welcome and thanks so much for joining the group :). My niece is a Leo who is quite humble, beautiful, and not off centered in the least. She does however love to dress to the beat of her own drum (she must have an Aquarius rising lol).

Thanks again for joing the group and please feel free to add related discussions and links.

Talk to you soon,
All Libra here!!!!
I too am a Scropio and share some of your same traits Marcy. Let me share some other Scropio traits that are "right on" for me. Passionate, extreme, loyal, obstinate and unforgving. Thru chanting/human revolution, I've brought most of my traits over to the positive side of the scale, after of years of them leaning more to the negative. Prior to chanting I felt "ok" with the way I was - after all, I didn't do anything to anyone that "didn't have it coming"; I only struck out when I was struck! I look forward to hangin out in this group. Also, where you say secretive Marcy, I say "selective"; we carefully choose who we "let in", with good reason too; plus a lot of people don't understand us, therefore can't identify with us, so why put ourselves thru the hassle of trying to "explain", just leave the "clueless" out. . .

Yes, I'm STILL struggling with my human revolution!!!! LOL
Hi Maxine!! Welcome to the group!

I am cracking up over here at your post, you are right on point, LOVE IT! :).! Yes I agree I am very selective, but once I get struck that's it, and oh yes I am still working on my Human Revolution too! lol

These message boards seem so empty now, it seems as though everyone is on facebook. If you are on facebook, feel free to add me Marcy Meletiche.

Talk to you soon!

Glad I could give you a chuckle! Yes, I have a facebook account, but I would prefer connecting on this site, but I will add you there too. Take care


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