This is a rather lengthy post.  I mainly want to share the following quote from the Human Revolution Book Two, Page 1291, the Chapter Titled “Actual Proof”. President Toda was giving guidance to a member.  He said”When your life is at stake, you struggle with every single ounce of your energy.  But the battle against your own karma is even harder than that.  Life and faith are exactly the same. To think that you can get through somehow, just because you believe in Nichiren Daishonin's Buddhism, is not real faith at all.  When you try so hard that the sweat streams off your brow and you squeeze out the wisdom that you didn't even think you had, then you can make the impossible possible.  And that's the time when the Gohonzon will protect you in every way, shape and form.  There's no doubt about that."

Reading each and every quote in this new section, gives me TOTAL appreciation of Nichiren Buddhism.  This practice gives us the opportunity to take TOTAL responsibility to change our karma in THIS lifetime.  I attended the FNCC Conference in June 2011 - Changing Karma into Mission.  Every FNCC Conference is what President Ikeda wishes for us if we are up to the task, which is TOTALLY refreshing our Faith.

It is often MOST difficult to look at what is happening in our environment and take TOTAL responsibility.  I had MANY breakthroughs this year 2011, and my faith has deepened exponentially since I received my own Gohonzon in 1972.  Mom shakubukued me in 1966, but, I did not know much else except to chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo.  My 40th Gohonzon birthday will be March 2, 2012.  My goal in 2012 is to continue to repay my debt of gratitude my chanting to become a magnet for Shakubuku...especially for YOUTH.

I have two wonderful children. After my 30th year of practice (2002), I discovered that my son had Schizophrenia.  He has suffered being in and out of prisons and institutions because of his actions since his diagnosis.  He was 22 at the time. He is 32 today.  I knew it was as much MY karma, too.   In 2005, my son vanished without a trace (like the TV drama), and my daimoku increased to as much as 3 hours a day.  Two months after he vanished, I received a call that my son was in a prison in Mazatlan, Mexico..  Suffice to say; I was in rhythm to get him back from Mexico within 5 month of his going missing.  Everyone who had contact with him "protected" him, and was his Shoten Zenjin (Buddhist gods) until I got him back home to the U.S. 

We have the opportunity to eradicate lifetimes of bad causes for our ABSOLUTE HAPPINESS in THIS lifetime, and I found I still had MORE karma to deal with after I brought my son home, but, things were ok. However, in March 2011, my son put a friend in the hospital. My son was off meds while waiting to be seen by a doctor. The friend's injuries were so bad that the friend's family decided to take life support off after two months.  I was a few days short of the goal to chant with him in his hospital room.  My son's father even reported that he regained consciousness, so I was devastated.  My seniors in Faith encouraged me that life is ETERNAL, and that I should chant for this friend to be born into a Gohonzon family next lifetime which I am heartily doing every day now.  My daimoku turned to 5 hours a day during this period.  Without this abundant daimoku, I would have been a TOTAL wreck, but my life condition was high and hopeful.  I chanted that the District Attorney's Office would send my son to a hospital prison, rather than regular prison, and my prayers were answered.  It is the practice of the District Attorney's office not to give merit to mental illness, because so many people in society use that as a plea.  Drugs for instance make one act like they are Schizophrenic.  Almost 10 year earlier when I discovered my son's mental illness, I chanted that this horrible sickness be banished from my family 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.  The benefit of my prayer of no more mental illness in my family was when my grandson was born on June 13, 2010. I never expected my daughter to have children.  She was 39 years old, and will be 41 when my SECOND grandchild will be born February 10, 2012.  I am GRATEFUL she is a STRONG practitioner of Nichiren Buddhism.  The Mystic Law is BEYOND our imagination. I am happy to say I am expecting my GRANDDAUGHTER, Feb 10, 2012.  Wow... .  I am chanting that my grandchildren become STRONG Youth Division and they grow up with the wisdom to continue my efforts for Kosen Rufu. 

Through the challenges that hit me this year, and my opportunity to chant over 3 million daimoku, I treasure the quote I shared initially here.

Thanks for allowing me to share my "Actual Proof".  Things have calmed down, but, I am ever vigilant about my practice, and I chant to communicate with my son every day, by reaching his heart, and that he is warm and safe where he is.  My goal is that he becomes ABSOLUTELY HAPPY in this lifetime.  I love study, and there are MANY more quotes from Nichiren Daishonin's writings, and Presidents' Toda and Ikeda that I will share.  I am VERY encouraged by everyone’s solidarity of faith here.  Thank you ALL!


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Thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with all of us. Let´s continue chanting Nam-Myoho -Rengue -Kyo and keep on showing actual proof of this marvellous practice.

Thanks, Versha...I am soo appreciative.  Would love to hear of your experience sometime :) Have a great week-end.

Thank you so much, for sharing your experience and congratulations on becoming a Grandma again soon!

Thank you very much for your experience and life dedicate to Kosen Rufu !You are with  Sensei Heart !






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