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About Me (tell us a little bit about yourself):
Seeking enlightenment lol (what's more important?).Am In my 41st year of un-interupted practice. (Seems like yesterday and also a thousand years ago that I began my journey). Joined in Okinawa while in military, practiced in Germany from 1969-1970 with Peter Kuhn. Practiced in Orange County,Ca. since July 1970. My favorite pasttime is talking about Buddhism. "What else is there to talk about? lol p.s. thanx to all the members the world over for all your hard efforts to bring peace to this troubled world of ours. " your the greatest".
Brief history of my adventures on our planet earth so far. (for those who might be interested) _______ Born on Nov 7, 1948 in the still rubble of Wurzburg Germany. I asked my beloved Omma once as a child. "Omma, was hatten hier los gehapt"? "Grandma what happened here"? (referring to much of the rubble and partial structures from the bombing of March 16, 1945). My Omma responded only "Das war der Krieg" (that was the war). Arrived at the age of 10 (1958) in the land called America. Lived in Tobyhanna PA., by the Tobyhanna Army Depot for one year (brrrrr) In 1960 left Pa. for Ethiopia, Africa for three years. Had a lot of adventures in the Boy scouts for a year or so and many times came down the mountain from Asmara to Massawa in a 2.5 ton army truck loaded
with fellow Boy scouts singing "A 100 bottles of beer on the wall" over and over ( a request by our buck Sgt. scoutmaster who always had a loaded 45 strapped to his side on these trips ) to keep the shiftas at bay I suppose. The Eritrean Liberation rebels were also active in these mountains at the time) In 1963, Left Ethiopia for Gy. (my place of birth and a very happy exciting day in my life). 63- 66 Lived in Gy. as an American teen-age "military brat".(a culture all it's own) My JHS was a reconverted German army barracks with the gun racks still on the walls, which we used to hang up our winter coats. Secret corridors were in between walls, the entrance being behind the teachers desk. My best friend, the coronel's son once went inside with a flashlight he happened to have handy in his back pocket, while I kept watch for the teacher. He said it was pretty dark down there (lol). Left Germany in 1966 to spend my last year of High school at Killeen Texas High (outside Ft. Hood). In 1967 returned to Kentucky (my stepfathers place of birth) for 3 months, Joined the Army, got out of going to Viet-nam, went to Inchon Korea instead where I slept in one those tents, you see on the TV program "MASH", for 9 months. Got re-assigned "out of the blue" for Okinawa (they needed truck mechanics to repair all the damaged vehicles from Viet-nam land mines I suppose. Met the Gohonzon there (best, best day of my life of course). Went to see the Dai-Gohonzon app. 2 weeks after joining the Soka-Gakkai, on a re-converted fishing vessel that the Gakkai owned and used for Tozan purposes. (from Okinawa to mainland Japan) Had an experience there (where the Dai-Gohonzon was housed at the time) that convinced me 100% that this is truly the true religion for all man-kind.
Chanted to get re-assigned to Germany (still had that longing to return to Germany). After a letter to my congressman and lots of daimoku, off I go to Germany for my last year in the military. Practiced Buddhism there together with Peter Kuhn and other pioneer members in GY. Left Gy. in 1970 for Costa Mesa Ca. Where I have been practicing Buddhism since then to the present. Almost 40 years in Ca. makes me not a native Californian but pretty close I'm thinking.
Long live California (where I always long to return to now) Although the traffic is getting kinda severe. ___hmmm Back to Germany maybe? nah I'm an American now. Colorado maybe hmm. Maybe my future Gakkai (crazy bout shakubuku wife), wherever she is, will take me away (lol) to Colorado!! _____ For my trade I have two Ca. State contractors licenses. Electrician and HVAC Tech. (small-fry) I have done repair work in perhaps 30,000 O.C homes. Fine Folks here in O.C. "Fine Folks" indeed________ Sidenote: I will always be gratefull and bow to the women of Ethiopia/Eritrea. Zegoini our house helper (1960-63) I believe extended the life of this Bodhisattva (me) When I wanted to climb down the side of a building with rotten rope, normally calm Zegoini (whom my brother and I liked very much, and she liked us very much) got unglued and would not let me proceed. Long live the beutifull women of Ethiopia/Eritrea. My beloved mother lives in Kentucky with her husband, my dear stepfather. For 30 years now my mother and I sign off on the phone once or twice a week with Nam-myo-ho-renge-kyo. First I invoke the mystic law and mother repeats in the exact intonantions (llove it). I have two Brothers . My brother Don is a Tech at the Kennedy space center, and sometimes Nasa/Boeing flies him to Edwards in Ca. to greet the shuttle( if the weather is bad for landing in Fla.). My other brother is a school teacher in Frankfort Ky. In 1970-71 at the age of 9 or 10 my sister Brenda would always join her be-loved brother (me) in chanting NMRK. for extended periods . Unfortunately sister Brenda left the planet pre-maturely at the age of 32, but not without daimoku under her belt (Yeah that's what I'm talking about) Long live all the SGI members of the world. HIP HIP HURRAY, Long Live our Mentor Daisaku Ikeda and his beloved wife Kaneko HIP HIP HURRAY SENSEII. ( Hey that rhymes) Got singled out by Senseii for a beutifull handshake and thank-you in 73. I suspect it was a response from Sensei's concern for my well-being.

The day before he must have seen me drop of the stage the L.A. brass band were performing on, (straight down 3 feet) with a sousaphone around my neck . Being 24 and strong and healthy it was no big deal for me, I just hopped back on the small stage and hardly missed a note (lol) (Tubas are always in the back row) "often at the edge of the stage" yikes Tuba players live on the edge (lol)

Herb R Barker's Blog

Gold Champion Misty Mays father

Posted on February 20, 2010 at 7:30pm 2 Comments

The other day sitting in the dry sauna at the fitness center, I got to talking about sports with a middle aged man perhaps 3 years older than my age of 61. He shared with me that his daughter was a professional sand volley ball player. I said "oh yeah what's her name"? He replied very unassumingly "Misty". So here I am talking to Misty Mays father (Gold Olympic champion of the last summer Olypics in China). I knew Misty was from Costa Mesa. I expressed my condolonces after he shared with me… Continue

Daimoku Mumblers

Posted on February 19, 2010 at 10:00am 6 Comments

For many months now it seems I have reached a new level of skill in my Geshu (planting the seeds of Buddhism). The lovely people I talk to I can kindly describe as daimoku "Mumblers". As soon as they hear me say NMHRGK, or as soon as they repeat NMHRGK for their first time, they begin mumbling NMHRGK as is obvious from their quiet moving lips. I want to share with them a bit about buddhist principles, but they are not listening. They are too busy quietly chanting NMHRGK, lest I should run off… Continue

Mom's Having triple bypass surgery on Thursday

Posted on January 18, 2010 at 12:09am 17 Comments

My beloved mother is having triple bypass surgery on Thursday. She's had diabetes for a while now. She's 81. mom has chanted 1 or 2 daimoku a week for over 30 years, so she has some daimoku under her belt. We sign of on the phone with NMHRGK. Anyone who would like to assist this coming Thursday the 21st. with daimoku I will put your name on record and you can count on me if you should have a SIMILAR REQUEST now or anytime in the future. Thank-you Herb

A little boy's appreciation

Posted on December 19, 2009 at 12:30pm 6 Comments

Talking about Buddhism everyday for 41 yrs. has been a real fun experience for me. Then there are classic encounters that I must share with some-one, so thought I'd share a classic here. Yesterday I arrived at a home to fix a Furnace and an A/C. Present were a young Korean lady (perhaps 25), her mother in law in the yard planting flowers, and a little boy who appeared to be about 2 or 2 and a half. He could say words and a few small sentences like "whatcha doing". which were his primary and… Continue

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At 2:25pm on November 7, 2011, Dan said…
Happy Birthday, Herb!
At 2:00pm on November 7, 2011, Frankie T said…
At 2:25am on August 9, 2011, Nellie Lau said…
Hello Herb,
I did answer your query earlier on and am surprised to find no record of it. I must have done something not quite right, not being a computer expert.

Re meetings at district level: when we first arrived in Perth in 1982 there were only a handful of members. We were a group for quite some time. When we grew to three groups, we were made a district. At that time, we needed to add a district leaders meeting for planning and study. We had district leaders representing the 4 divisions at those meetings. I guess this would be similar to what other SGI area or district level meetings would be like.
Sorry for entering the first reply wrongly. Happy chanting.
At 1:13am on July 11, 2011, Nellie Lau said…
Hi Herb, In my time the district meetings would constitute the three groups of Perth, north, central and south Perth. It would be a gosho study or a gathering for some purpose eg celebrating SGI anniversary. For a celebratory type meeting, there's experiences, performances as well as reading of a message from sensei. Now as there are so many groups, the study sessions might be just for the group leaders to study together before they go back to their groups to conduct them.
At 6:33am on April 14, 2011, Job Felício Borba said…
hehehehe, thank you!
At 10:19pm on March 12, 2011, Dan said…
Herb, just a quick hello how're ya.  Haven't seen nor read a posting or reply from you.  Miss your spirited and cheerful presence.  Take care.  Have a pioneer member over here that Ihome  visited today who used to be a chapter leader from Oxnard.  He's had a few tough years since he'sbeen  living in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin.  Will be trying to keep him connected and help shake off the cobwebs.  ;-D  best, Dan
At 10:06am on March 5, 2011, Dan said…
How you doing, Herb?  Haven't seen a post or comment from you in a while... ;-D
At 10:57am on February 24, 2011, Suki said…

Hi Herb, how you doing?



At 10:20pm on February 23, 2011, Dan said…
Just a quick hello, Herb!  ;-D
At 11:55pm on January 14, 2011, ROHINI P. SHARMA said…

Thats really wonderful Herb. 41 Years into chanting..... I am stumpped. I wish I could say this one day... Well, I will. I am just 33 now and into the practice for two and a half years now.

Well played series. Keep going. I was very happy to read your experiences.



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