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Bodhisattva Message #3, January 29th, 2009

Bodhisattva message - January 29th, 2009.

"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

How can we change the world? Become the whole, be all of it, realize that in all of our incarnations we have played many roles. None of us have been without blemish "always". Take responsibility for all of the actions taking place on this planet at this very moment. If you want to change something you experience in the external world find it within yourself and change it… Continue

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The Case of the Lost Flashlight in Fundamental Darkness - Chapter 1A (tag-team fiction writing with Aaron, continued from his blog: H. Ben Pon...Buddhist Investigator)

( Tag team writing begun by Aaron. Open for anybody else who wants to tackle the next chapter ;-D )

Chapter 1 link

(flashback as H. Ben Pon is driving up to the town of Eagle Peak)

It’s a long winding drive up the 10 Worlds highway on the way to the inn. I needed to make a couple of stops. Have to get the blood going, get my thinking gear… Continue

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For the Ladies: Study "The Human Revolution" Book 2, pages 895 -899

President Toda had some very important encouragement he gave the Young Women's Division about love and marriage in 1953. Don't be fooled by the year. REMEMBER: President Toda was a revolutionary, he knew he was raising revolutionary women....here's a sample (get the books, I PROMISE)...Join "Sophia Groups" where you live or start them. It's all about studying the "Human Revolution."

Upon hearing that many of these young women were opposed to marriage, he said, "...don't jump into a… Continue

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Pls dont read!!!!!!!!

If you make the mystic law the base of your existence you will be able to rise above any difficulties in life, you will be able to transform harsh karma. you will be able to convert worries, tears and sufferings into the fuel, the substance for growth and victory., and as you repeat the process, you will without doubt build a life of genuine happiness. Faith is not some kind duty. It is a right you have, a right you can exercise to attain happiness..

Ikeda sensei

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H. Ben Pon ...Buddhist Investigator


I had just finally fallen asleep when I was awoken by the phone I thought I had taken off the receiver. This was my

night off. My first night off in months, and I had chosen to spend it alone reading my Gosho’s and working on my

human revolution. Groggy, I picked up the blower. It was Toku Burrai curator of the Go… Continue

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The New Year

Hello to all - I've started my new year with going to online schooling. What a scary position I have put myself in. I already have little time and now it's even less. LOL, but it is to better my future and finding a new path in what I already know for most of my life. I plan to mix the two careers to hopefully make my skill set better. I have less time with my kids but it only has raised concerns about the safety of my kids. Long story to go into but for those who do know my story you can… Continue

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What I'm chanting for..

*to have the courage to face and overcome my inner emotional and other external struggles.

*to change my negative karma (especially in terms of relationships)

*to be able to see through any past or present dilusions that could hinder the future of the relationship I have with the guy I'm dating.

*to be able to share the practice with those close to me.

*to have the strength to go on during difficult times.

*to never lose faith in a brighter tomorrow and to never lose… Continue

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2009 Goals

In this year I will bring in two folks to this fantastic practice!
I will remain in control of my emotions and act logically.
I will deepen my faith in this practice.
I will love my lifestyle.
I will succeed at my job.
I will keep my pets and myself healthy.
I will be a better friend/daughter/sister.

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SGI members attend inaugural events at the White House


Dear Arts Members - (please excuse if this is a duplicate !!)

I have been so encouraged this week to have read the accounts of various SGI

members who came from different parts of the country to be in our city for the

inauguration of our new president, Barack Obama.

Many of you have read Danny Nagashima's report on his and Tariq Hassan's

participation in the inaugural swearing-in ceremony. President Ikeda was

invited. You may… Continue

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Very applicable today

"Faith lies precisely in constructing an existence in which you can find personal joy and satisfaction, and a state of life that affords you the hope to live vigorously. "
from "Guidance today" vol 3
That is it- joy and hope, something to chant for....

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Laughing Daimoku

What is the Laughing Daimoku?

This is a funny story of me and my friend.

Off course, he's a member of SGI.

As a matter of fact, he led me to Nichiren Buddhism.

We went to the same college and went abroad to study together.

The moment we meet us, we talk about funny stories of our student days.

Then, we are convulsed with laughter.

That's a problem, however.

We always chant Daimoku after talking.

But we fall into a fit of convulsions during… Continue

Added by Toshizo Saejima on January 26, 2009 at 7:59am — 10 Comments

winter always turns to spring

Those who believe in the Lotus Sutra are as if in winter, but winter always turns to spring.

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i wrote another poem today:

In This Moment

By Jenny Leigh Hodgins

January 25, 2009

Suffering from anger and despair

doesn’t get me anywhere

Diggin’ deep in my mind--

Changin’ my habit of bein’ blind

from seeing my own capacity

--believing in my true ability

Using great force to polish my life

Wipe away foolishness from inside

Not giving up until I break free

Cleaning out clutter so I will see

my life can accomplish much… Continue

Added by Jenny Leigh Hodgins on January 25, 2009 at 9:30am — 4 Comments

I can't feel my legs!

As you know, when we japanese chant, we sit on the floor Japanese style generically.

It was called SEIZA(to sit straight with your legs folded under you./kneeling).

I had trouble in Seiza because I could not feel my legs.

Also, many young people have toruble in Seiza.

When I had begun to pracitce, I did not always chant toward Gohonzon.

To what did I chant?

I used to chant toward an occipital region of head of our leade.

Then I paryed in my heart like… Continue

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The Cheerleader Gets Cheered UP

I was driving home tonight and I'm pretty tired but thrilled to be working as much as I have this week and I started to feel a little bit blue. And just as I started to say to myself, aloud, "Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" I got a text message from a young woman I have "mentored" since she was in high school. The text says, "Hi. I hope you are doing ok. Thinking about you. I am chanting 4 the both of us. Grateful to have you as a friend. Nam myo ho renge kyo."

This young woman who texted me… Continue

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My first 10 hour Toso

First let me say, its very difficult for me to do anything for 10 hours. At times I have the attention span of a fly and get easily distracted by shiney objects. There has been a lot of postings and talk lately about Karma and I have been feeling the need for Karma cleansing. I was encouraged by a member to do a 10 hour Toso. "Hmmm, Thats going to interupt my watching repeat episodes of House and NCIS and take time out of daily personal suffering" was my first thought, but it seemed like a good… Continue

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Magic glasses

I wish there were magic glasses to see the future just in a year from now, just to show those who doubt that there is no prayer that goes unanswered. Only we might not like the answer. But the answer is the best answer for us, we just don't know it yet. From all the million of choices we have every single moment the fortune we gain through the practice gives us the wisdom to choose the right one and the best one for us. But we just don't know it yet. After the meeting tonight I memorized the… Continue

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Chant Dammit

I’m back after time away that was not the smartest thing I could do. I sometimes have “dark” periods and instead of turning to my faith I forget and turn away from everything for a while.

Well I’m back stronger and chanting and am posting this so I can remember .

CHANT CHANT CHANT and when you’re done Chant some more for good measure Shalena :)

Hope that works:)

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