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The value of reading by Pres.Ikeda

March 31

READING is dialogue with oneself, it is a self-reflection which cultivates profound humanity.

Reading is therefore essential to our development.

It expands and enriches the personality like a seed that germinates after a long time and

sends forth many blossom-laden branches.

People who can say of a book "this changed my life" truly understand the meaning of happiness.

Reading that sparks inner revolution is desperately needed… Continue

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From the International District Meeting,


(This is a rough transcript of the guidance Mr. Sonoda gave at the International District meeting on November 30th, 2000. He gave us all a challenge to turn our situations around into the greatest benefit by January 1st, 2001. (See the "December Challenge" below.) The theme of our meeting was appreciation. I hope it inspires you as much as it did…

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3.16 Event.. SUCCESS!

First, thank you of you all sincere Daimoku, specially my good comrades.. Aiko-san. Her message to me:

To my friends

Life is about winning

Buddhism is also about winning

Therefore We must absolutely be victorious.

Never forget this important lesson.

Ya, we are living bout winning...

Even I am so sad to knowing that she had a boyfriend... but I still send my best wishes and Daimoku to them.

I had put my efforts into the 3.16 Kosen-Rufu Day. Our… Continue

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Happiness is Contagious

"Recently, researchers of Harvard Medical School and the Unniversity of California, San Diego published findings indicating that happiness is contagious....This research supports the idea that a zone of happiness can be spread through a social network. (The reason for this Blog).....

The German poet Heinrich Heine wrote, "The hearts of [great] individuals are like earthly stars, and I believe that, if one looked down on our planet from above, these hearts would radiate in our eyes… Continue

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she have a new boyfriend right now...

My heart is pain, l getting start to confuse my way... She's told me this morning, that she have a new boyfriend. And her new boyfriend is a Gakkai member too.

I should chant for her happiness, even now she's share her life with a new guy but l'm still in love with her. My daily Daimoku is for Gakkai objectives, and also for her. My Region YMD Leader told me, do not forget to continue my great mission, do not give up to chant for her, she'll feel my sincere Daimoku. Tomorrow is our 3.16… Continue

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Codepink Radical Act of Knitting

Codepink is gathering 4"x4" knitted squares in pink and green to place on the Whitehouse fence in honor of Mother's Day. US Mother's Day was started as peace demonstration not by Hallmark!
For more information go to the link:

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i was scared stiff!

tonight, i almost reared end a car in front of me.

luckily i applied the foot brakes in time.

i was too exhausted and was driving back home after a LONG day.

the car wasn't even MINE!

the night before, i almost got ran over by a kid on bicycle from behind me, at fast speed.

i had my ear stereo on.

i was EXTREMELY lucky on these 2 occasions.

i apologize for all the negative karma i have incurred.

i really need to chant… Continue

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It's Spring!

Hi Everyone,

Just want to share a great piece from one of my favorite sites.

Enjoy :).

brought to you by : Daily OM

March 27, 2009

Seasons of BeautyAging Gracefully

We tend to associate youth with beauty, but the truth is that beauty transcends every age. Just as a deciduous tree is stunning in all its stages—from its full leafy green in the summer to its naked skeleton during winter and everything in between—human beings are… Continue

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Ikeda sensei's statement for depressives

Ikeda sensei wrote for depressives... Who said you have to take a high speed vehicle when you would leave Tokyo for Osaka.

If you board a local train, you can find the different view in comparison with Shinkansen!

I think that slow traveling also means to take a step forward.

a photo I took:

sea side: Tokaido line local train

mountain side: Tokaido Shinkansen

about movies of trains… Continue

Added by Yatchan on March 27, 2009 at 1:00am — 3 Comments

Soon Sings The Song by Jenny Leigh Hodgins 3/'09

Darkness like the ocean depths

Swirls like heavy waves…

Against murkiness, a struggle,

reaching for the surface where

I could finally breathe the air

Seems like ages I’ve been under

Swimming against the currents

Pushing, climbing, fighting, aiming

toward the light that shines

above, beyond, ahead. I find

All my energy has been spent

fighting on and on,

groping to pull from

the danger of slipping down

Gasping now… Continue

Added by Jenny Leigh Hodgins on March 26, 2009 at 7:47pm — 3 Comments

WHere is the PEacE

Where is the Peace our Native Ancestors

Fought For?

How long must we suffer in silence,

For our birth rights?



How long?

Peace MUST be coming>>

MUST be on the way!?

We keep fighting<>suffering<>struggling<>


sorrow<>I cannot stand the injustices of the past<>


I Must endure<>PEACE is… Continue

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Essays by Pres. Ikeda on April 24, 1979 & May 3rd 1979

Recollections of Pres. Ikeda

Stormy April 24.pdf

True Purpose of Religion, May 3 1979.pdf

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that after May 3, 1979, sensei then went on a home-v campaign (200 or so households, if I recall Danny Nagashima's talk back in 1998 YMD FNCC seminar) having… Continue

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Osaka Campaign - english translations from 2003 January & February Daibyakurenge issues

Testimonials and recollections of 41 members of the Kansai World group:

Osaka Campaign 1.pdf

Osaka Campaign 2.pdf

Osaka Campaign 3.pdf

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Where are the Jamaica SGI members??

Greetings from Chicago!

I'm planning a trip to Kingston, Jamaica in late June. Are there any SGI members I might be able to connect with? Please give me any info that might be helpful...

Thanks so much!

Added by Jo Willis on March 23, 2009 at 2:09pm — 2 Comments


From: FARM (Farm Animal Rights Movement)

10101 Ashburton Ln. Bethesda MD. 20817

301-530-1737 •

Hosted by:

The Benefits of Veg


Diet and Health

--- Protein

--- Fats

--- Carbohydrates

--- Vitamins and Minerals

Diet and Disease

--- Children

--- Vascular Diseases

--- Cancer

--- Diabetes

--- Other Chronic Conditions

--- Infectious…

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St. Augustine District successful youth led Discussion Meeting

We had a Tremendous Discussion Meeting this past Saturday; 10 of us including 1 guest and 3 YD who participated in the meeting. St. Augustine District is growing nicely. Mrs. Robinison insisted we stayed back for a bit to eat. Someone had gone to pick up pastries. Waiting gave me a moment to speak with my guest and we spoke with each other in the meantime.

We encounted all Sancho Shima conceivable. Emerald Isle Youth Division Leader had to fight her lazy nature. It hit her had but… Continue

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Mt. Fuji and the "Fuji" overnight limited express

Nichiren Daishonin loved Mt. Fuji.

I took this photo in the morning in Shizuoka prefecture.

Unfortunately the "Fuji" overnight limited express train was abolished on 14 March.

In Japan, traffic situations are rapidly changed every year. When passengers go to Kyushu (west part of Japan), many of then use plane or Shinkansen. So overnight limited express trains are not always required.

In the past, the "Sakura (cherry… Continue

Added by Yatchan on March 22, 2009 at 12:47pm — 3 Comments

pls send links to march 16 pics

looking for pics of sensei toda transfer of batin of kosen rofu to youth particularly to sensei ikeda.

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Dirty Jeans

There goes my ear again. It's been buzzing since September, burning, aching. I've kept my upper lip stiff and my chin high but something has to break. Maybe you already know, maybe you don't want to hear it anymore, but I can't breath. This morning my daughter and I sifted through her clothes looking for pants that she could exchange for the ones that showed five inches of her Halloween socks. She pulls out a pair of shorts and insists they will work. But, it's raining and gray and chilly and I… Continue

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Looking for Memebers In Houston, TX

My cousin is having a hard time and I have been talking to her on the phone encouraging her but I can't be there to take her to a meeting. I would really like to get in contact with someone there to find out where the closest meeting is to her so she can go and an introduction meeting would be great. She has transportation, she just needs to know where to go. I have contacted some members on the SGI-USA website but I thought I would try here too Thanks. Laura Campbell

Added by Laura Campbell on March 20, 2009 at 10:30am — 3 Comments

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