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We went to the New Film- and TV-Makers networking party in Amsterdam together: Lou, Rob and I; the two of them scriptwriters, and I an actress. We hoped to make useful connections and get stimulating ideas. Seated in the Chinese Amasia restaurant, we felt really legit, discussing scriptwriting while waiting for the party to start.

Things turned out so differently, I learnt 3 things:

1. Actors are very short. In fact, my height.

2. I am so rich, I thought I didn't understand… Continue

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TODAY IS MY 26TH GOHONZON BIRTHDAY AND I OWE MY LIFE TO THIS PRACTICE. This surely has been a month of really clearing out the poison. You all know I’m sure, the metaphor of the glass filled with wa…


This surely has been a month of really clearing out the poison.

You all know I’m sure, the metaphor of the glass filled with water.

If you look at the glass of water it looks quite clean but then you take a spoon and stir it up and you see there was a lot of dirt in the bottom of the glass.

This is the process of human revolution.

We have to see it to clean it up.

My finance and I broke up… Continue

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My rainbow experience



With all my heart I try to live in a positive and creative manner. But, life has it’s hardships and challenges and we are all only human…Afterall..

My beloved finance and I just broke up and I am faced with yet another hurdle in my life. I fight and pray and do manage to get through the days and nights to the… Continue

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May 24, 2008 poem

So scared, so tired

running along hearing only

the sound of my footsteps

through lone corridors

the loneliness,

the loneliness.

when a friend's dream dies

it crushes to my heart

when a mother passes away

suffering quells my heart

and friends falling by the wayside

losing faith losing hope losing everything

run along hearing only

loneliness- the footsteps- the loneliness,

the corridors

They say… Continue

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Kosen Rufu Sunday June 1,2008 VERY IMPORTANT - REPOST

Hello Everyone:

It has become clearly evident that people around the world are suffering from natural disasters, and man made problems. Unfortunately, most people believe they are powerless to do anything to overcome these obstacles.

As Nichiren Buddhists, we have proved that something can be done.

As President Ikeda once stated, "Change starts with one individual"

Kosen Rufu Sunday June 1 is the perfect time for everyone to say… Continue

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For those that actually read my blog, you have probably realized that I love music. Music moves my soul and my being. I heard this song and I actually end my yoga classes by encouraging my students to embrace the diamonds on the inside of their lives, polish them and experience the shiny sparkle in their being. Please enjoy this song and think about the diamonds on the inside of your life as… Continue

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Think and grow rich

Interesting. I've recently joined a free course in Amsterdam to learn about the nature of money.

It must be my good karma, after I taught the all-round mystic The Artist's Way course to 10 people for free. As a buddhist I am also very interested in other people's ways of thinking, and creativity and money happen to be two of the interests of my artist.

We went off to a slower start than I used to, always travelling at light speed with the power of Myo. Tonight was the… Continue

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A big thank you to Bob Mann for inviting me to this wonderful site.

I really enjoy reading the topics/subjects posted on this site. Some are really food for thoughts, too! I hope to contribute when I'm ready! And what's more is that the members are from all over the world who share their experiences including their video clips, photos, etc.
Indeed, such beautiful SGI family here!

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May 3 celebration cont'd

After cooking experimental dinner (zuchhini with apples and black pepper, Indonesian pangang seasoned vegetarian chunks and rice) for my cousin Bar and my friend Santa and watching our cool mr. James Bond in Casino Royale, Bar and me rose this morning to receive the study team at my place (chanting for 1 hour) and then tried to bake fortune cookies off the web. The site and its comments said the cookies succeeded in one go....

not for us, perhaps because I was trying to be healthy… Continue

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My life

What it would be, to live like this tree stretching its trunk and branches in any way it desires.

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The Synopsis of my Buddhist discovery novel, Myth Shattering.

Myth Shattering,

The Buddhist Discovery Novel

By Timothy Harada

A Brief Synopsis:

A semi-autobiographical novel about a young punk rock kid, named Debussy, in Wutherington Beach (Orange County, Southern California). With his punk rock friends, he steals marijuana plants from his neighbors’ backyards. They smoke the marijuana in their underground clubhouse and shop lift for munchies on a daily basis.

However, on one summer afternoon, while trying to… Continue

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May 3 celebration and the new structure kick off for Rotterdam, The Netherlands

3 May, the day of the Soka Gakkai.

As long as I remember something important in love happened on May 3 in my life. That's on a personal note.

This year I just made do with a tozo of 12 hours (well, doing as much as I could) since the spring vacation was on and so many families were abroad.

Tomorrow, the kickoff of our new structure will be celebrated alongside the Day of the Soka Gakkai. After 7 meager years, Rotterdam exploded from a division with 4 districts… Continue

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Friends who tried chanting daimoku

I got these 2 stories yesterday and i can't help myself sharing this to everyone.

I have a staff with a wife about to deliver their second child. He was just reluctant (no reaction) everytime I am telling stories on how great chanting daimoku and how it will change his life. I told him if ever he will encounter problems on the process of his wife delivery, try chanting daimoku and good circumtances will come along the way.

Early yesterday, he send me a message about his… Continue

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missing loved ones

I wanted my first post to be brilliant but then I realized, who's going to read it anyway? If you're so bored as to be cruising by this page then know that I will probably write more later, but for now check out my uncles website. He was a brilliant artist and the most buddha-like, train-wreck of a person I ever knew. I love him and miss him deeply.

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by Daisaku Ikeda sensei

Life is a struggle.
The more we wrestle with life and win,
the greater our satisfaction in life.

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President Ikeda gave the following guidance...

"Another aspect of Karma which is often misunderstood is this: we often think our Karma is something outside of us. However, someone else's behavior is not your Karma. Your Karma is that you don't know how to deal with their behavior. That's your problem. Your behavior is your Karma. Sometimes we may…


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Jacqueline Du Pre is one of my heros. She was so talented in her time. Very talented and her music took my heart and breath away. If you haven't seen the movie, "Hilary and Jackie" I highly recommend it. Tragic but moving, Multiple Sclerosis took her away from us far too soon yet because of her struggle with MS many have lived longer lives. She gave more than she got back. What's meaningful to me is that her life was not defined by MS, but rather by her music. That's why she's my hero. She… Continue

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Leaving fo 15 months! RV Tour of America Starts this Weekend

Forever Green

Zattva, the little guy above, is a 4 pound chihuahual He's 3 months old and will be arund 8 pounds when full grown.

This weekend I leave on the Forever Green Lifestyle Tour! I'll be touring the USA and Canada for the next 15 months- in an RV-… Continue

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Everything Finland

I come from a place (Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas) with a population of 4 million people and currently reside in a neighborhood (Southern California) of roughly 11-13 million, depending on whom you ask or if they'll even answer. The country of Finland has 5 million people and it seems like I'm meeting every other one of them these days.

Official seal of the Consulate General of Finland

I met the Consulate General a while ago through my friend…

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One of my wonderful leaders called me at work today and asked if she could pick me up afterward for the Tozo at her house. I was delighted. She met me at the front of the store and we went around back to get my bike, talking delightfully the whole way. She is such a warm and inspiring Bodhisattva. We chanted for about 2 and a half hours, with a brief break when another leader stopped by on her way to another area. I feel so fantastic. I chanted about so many things, in great detail. I feel… Continue

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