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Make the call LOUDER.......

I was thinking about the concept of peace when for some reason Einstein’s famous equation, E=MC2*, popped into my head.

Energy and mass, the equation states, are different forms of the same thing—another validation of what has become nearly indisputable: Everything in the universe is connected to everything else in the universe.

But what had never occurred to me before is another implication of Einstein’s equation: Matter is…


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"Patience is a kind of understanding. An understanding that transcends

the 'limitations' of the moment. It's a teacher standing at the

blackboard repeating A is for Apple. B is for Boy. Day after day to

small puzzled faces. Because she believes that one day they will make

the leap that connects the sound to the letter the letter to the word

the word to the shiny red contours of a classic fruit. Patience is a

kind of trust. A trust…

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Daily Encouragement & Daily Wisdom - 30 June 2010 Wednesday

For Today and Tomorrow



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Star Date June 29 2010

WELL...it has been A WHILE since I've been here!! If you are reading I will post more! For now...going to bed....check out my Page...I have some great music on there...check out my website: faerykissnaturals.etsy.com...and good night people!! :)

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Screening Fundraiser for "How I became an Elephant" $3000.00


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the way to the fertile soul - Dr. Randine Lewis

  • Balance your energies - physical, emotional and spiritual
  • Let yourself be who you are.
  • Find and embrace your inner spaciousness.
  • Allow life to live through you.
  • Let go of resistance.
  • Live from your joy rather than your fear.
  • Use your emotions to revitalise your life.Live vertically instead of horizontally.
  • Reenergise yourself by repatterning.
  • Match your external actions to your internal blueprint.

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Oil disaster in the gulf of mexico

Hello everbody,

i am very sad and concerned about the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico.I was thinking since it is such an emergency may be all the SGI members worldwide could chant specifically for a solution at the kosen-rufu gongyos worldwide that they can stop the oil leak as soon as possible. If we all concentrate on this ( many in body one in mind) i am sure it will help a lot. If you like this idea please talk to your leaders about it.



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Starting a local 12-Steps of Liberation Group locally...

In the near future I intend to start a Recovery Group locally based on the 12-Steps of Liberation. This will be a decidedly Buddhist Recovery Group independent from A.A. or any other established Recovery

Group. As other 12-Step Groups though, all Buddhists in recovery or

those that are interested in Buddhism will be welcome. The group

meetings will not be strictly for SGI or Nichirin Buddhist, but all

Buddhists in general.

* I have…


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The 12-Steps of Liberation Group.

Today I started a group here. It is called, The 12-Steps of Liberation. It is a group that utilizes a unique 12-Steps based on the Four Noble Truths and the Eight Fold Path combined to form a decidedly Buddhist set of 12-Steps of Recovery. The group is a private group to assure confidentiality, but any SGI Members in Recovery can ask to be a member of the group. Membership is not restricted to one type of addiction or another and also welcomes people with dysfunctional and self-destructive…


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Daily Encouragement & Daily Wisdom - 25 June 2010

For Today and Tomorrow



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In On Attaining Buddhahood Nichiren Daishonin wrote,
"You must never think that any of the eighty thousand sacred teachings of Shakyamuni's lifetime or any of the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the ten directions and three existences are outside yourself. Your practice of the Buddhist teachings will not relieve you of the…

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GO FOR BUDDHA – Lecture from Babara Cahill (based on Sensei’s Lectures on Attaining Buddhahood)

GO FOR BUDDHA Lecture from Babara Cahill (based on Sensei’s Lectures on Attaining Buddhahood)…


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Daily Encouragement nd Daily Wisdom - 24 June 2010

For Today and Tomorrow

Daily Encouragement by Daisaku Ikeda…


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500,000 Daimoku

Just hit my half a million daimoku today. Yay! Now for the next the half million...

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Writings of Nichiren Daishonin - My 7th Reading

I hav just embarked on my 7th reading of the Writings of Nichiren Daishonin Vol.1, but this time around my approach is different from my previous, I want to stretch the degree of my assiduous study of the gosho by doing indexing on passages in the gosho based on practical application into our daily life and compile these passages into easily accessible form, this will be challenging. Just as SGI President Ikeda quoted in relation to assiduous study of Nichiren Daishonin's gosho where he said… Continue

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Daily Encouragement and Daily Wisdow for Life - Wednesday, 23 June 2010

For Today and Tomorrow



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i just need some advice....was so confused...

My mom and I were both practitioner of this organization...but i didn't know why my mom get easily angry... I stayed away from my parents just last week, because I was carried away by my emotion.. I was scolded by my mom in front of many people...She's doing this ever since I was in college and during that time were not yet still a practitioner of this teaching... But now I was so confused coz were now practicing but still she cant realize her mistakes...I love my parents but because of that… Continue

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Nose healing well, PT authorized, now focusing on place to live 7/1 and job search...

Freely breathing from both nostrils. Doc told me no tetherball playing for at least 10 days. Nose is still mighty sore but glasses actually are level on my face:)

Physical Therapy finally authorized- eight treatments to start on Wednesday.

Continuing abundant daimoku for gratitude for major improvement in my health and to find the best living and work situation ASAP. Sweet Honey Man continues to be incredible support.

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2.23 (23th FEB) is Fuji Mountain Day

It is not until yesterday that 23th FEB is Fuji Mountain Day.

This day is a pun. 223 is Fuji-san (Fuji mountain).

Unfortunately?, for students, yesterday Fuji city school board determined that 2.23 is NOT holiday of school.

Most of Japanese people know "Root 5" equals to 2.236~~~. It means Fu-ji-san-roku (the foot of Fuji mountain) (pun). And followings are known among Japanese people.

Root 2 equals to 1.41421356~~~. (pun: Day by day, it is a good time to…


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Nose is healing- still waiting for physical therapy authorization for my back injury and a place to live July 1

Silastic tubing to be pulled from my nose and upper airway tomorrow am. Nose is mighty sore, but swelling has gone down considerably- benefit- no polyps found during surgery. Looking forward to less noisy breathing at night and decrease in facial pain and headaches.

It has been over 2 weeks since physical therapist has sent request for authorization for treatment plan physical therapy of back. Injury flared up 4/10, saw doc initially 5/12 which started the process.

Looking… Continue

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